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Stephanie Riley

I'll absolutely be praying - I've been checking this blog constantly through the day for updates. Bless you all...


Storming the gates of heaven on Joanne's behalf!!!!

Marla Taviano

We love you so much, and we're praying without stopping! I've got tears in my eyes just thinking about Audrey and Emma going back to school and everything. Praying my heart out for them, friend. So many people love you guys. Jesus, love on Toben, Joanne, Audrey, and Emma tonight in a huge way.


Prayers from Paris TX


Continuing to pray for your entire family; for healing, peace of mind and rest. Hope in some way you can 'feel' the love and prayerfully this is an encouragement to all of you.
Psalm 119:49-50
Psalm 46:10
Isaiah 41:10


We here in Southeastern Colorado are praying for your family and look forward to the days where progress reports are many and setbacks are few.

God Bless you all

Bethany B.

Joanne, you & the girls have been on my heart and in my prayers all day today & will continue to be for sure.

Chere Williams

I am praying every day for Joanne and have asked others to pray also. I know God is working and he is going to give you and your family all the strength you need. You just keep praying and having faith. You are going to see Joanne's brown eyes again. God bless you and keep you.


Holly Smith

So thankful that Audrey and Emma have friends at this school...praying they will feel loved, supported and truly secure. We love you all so very much. We are constantly on our knees. Looking to the One who holds the moments and the healing in His Hands. May He completely blow you away with His holy breath upon your Bride! When those eyes open, a Holy Moment indeed!


Thank you Toben for giving us the detail that you have. My kids, my friends, their kids are all praying for you. Believing Him one step at a time.

Kelly Bratka

Praying, have been all week for your entire family. Thank God for the positive news about Joanne. Know that you are ALL being lifted up to the Great Physician. Jesus, we need a miracle!


The amount of LOVE for you and your precious girls, Toben (all 3 of them!), is just overwhelming. All these people, many of us who don't know any of you at all but are honored to call you our brother and sisters in Christ...we are all praying, keeping you close to every thought throughout our days.

When Joanne declared that the Lord had revealed to her that her "theme" for 2011 was "LOVE"...she nailed it. So much love indeed!

Erika Sagert


I do not know you personally...I know you through my friends Jay and Heidi St John. I can't explain the burden that the Holy Spirit has laid on my heart regarding you. Both my dad and stepdad spent time in the ICU after having unexpected strokes so I'm familiar with all the "sounds" (of machines) and treatments you describe that Joanne is going through. I am constantly praying for you as you walk through this time. I am praying for Joanne and the girls as well.

Love in Christ,

Erika Sagert (from Washington state)


Like so many others, I learned about Joanne through Beth Moore's blog. Just wanted to leave a note to say that I'm begging the Lord for her to wake in His perfect timing. Praying without ceasing for your family in Houston, TX.

Todd and Kristine Vorhauer

Our family has been following this blog everyday and pray for comfort and peace in your situation. We are praying hard for a miracle of healing for your wife. Sending much love and blessings.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife

Please know you have some marathon prayers coming your way, brother. May they sustain your family as you endure. Because you will endure, you know. And come forth like gold.


Toben, Joanne and family-
You are in my thoughts and prayers on this long road.
Much love to you all from Oregon.
Kate Stidd

Angie Platten

Toben, I know you must be exhausted on every level beyond measure. The rest of the family too. Thank you so much for taking time to post updates. I gather from the "Darth Vader" sound, the decision was not made to remove her from the respirator with the possibility of the trach. That's good news, I think. I don't know! Everyone just wants what is best and I know you are all doing that. What a gift of family and community you have and the unity is such a blessing!
Praying, praying, praying... and now that I have some very specific requests, I can pray more directed.

Heidi St. John

Toben and family,

We continue to lift you before the Lord - our hearts are heavy for all that you are being asked to walk through and we are passing along updates to prayer warriors from near and far through Facebook and First Class Homeschool Ministries.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus give you His peace - the peace that passes understanding. Thank you for keeping us updated.

Warmly from WA state,
Heidi St. John


Toben, thank you so much for updating us on Joanne's status. I am so thankful that the swelling is going down, the Lord in his time is working his miracles. My heart aches for Emma and Audry as they struggle with all that is going on. Actually my heart aches for you all so I continue to pray for you and beg God to work miracles. May you find comfort in knowing that your beautiful wife has touched the lives of so many people all over the world, as is evident by all the people praying for her.


Thank you, thank you for taking the precious time for updating us. All of you remain in my prayers. Joanne is precious to so many, many people.


Toben, girls, and family,
I am praying so much for your wife and mom right now. I live in Houston and have heard about Joanne through friends and friends on twitter and we are praying here so much for her. My heart is so heavy for you and your family. We are storming the gates of heaven asking the Lord to work a miracle. To open her eyes, wake her body, and heal her. Praying for Audrey and Emma, and am so sorry that they having to endure this. Praying their momma wakes soon. Praying for their transition back to school. May they be covered in love and greeted with open arms and hearts.

Lifting your precious Joanne up to our Savior, our healer, the one who restores and the One who makes all things new.

Micah Bylsma

Hi there, I am a friend of Yvettes and my daughter goes to DC too. Please know that your family has constantly been in my prayers since I heard. Also know that the DC community is honored to be able to care for your girls. Praying for peace, healing, wisdom, restoration and praising God for his grace and faithfulness.
In His Grip (and knowing your names are written on his palms)


Didn't know you before but saw the tweet about Joanne. A relative of mine went through this several years ago, so I know just where you are at! I'm so glad that you are in a good Christian hospital that will give you what you need! Have been praying for your family and will continue to do so! God Bless You!


I just wanted you to know that even though I've been quiet the last few days on twitter, fb & here, my husband and I are STILL on our knees praying for Joanne. We are praying and believing for the pressure to stay normal and that the Lord brings the good stuff from this point on. It is JOYOUS to see that the med. coma is working as it should be.

The Lord says, in Habakkuk 1:5 - "Look at the nations and watch - and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in yours days that you would not believe, even if you were told." - I am Praying and WATCHING this for Joanne!! :)
Love you brother,
Hollie, TX


Joining you and many others in praying for a miracle for Joanne.

Nancy Nicoletto

I, too, have learned of your wife's stroke through Beth Moore's blog and have been moved to "pray without ceasing" for this most difficult time. May He quiet your heart and mind with the truth of His love for each of you...remembering that He loves you with an "everlasting love and underneath are the everlasting arms"
May He continue to sustain you by His grace and give you strength for each day. His mercies are new every morning..great is His faithfulness!
Nancy from California

Karen Schelhaas

Toben, I've been waking up at night and praying for Joanne... and for you and your girls. I know we were in high school decades ago, but I'm praying, old friend. Enlisting others to pray, as well. Asking God for a miracle for your precious bride...



You nor Joanne know me, but I found you through Angie Smith's blog. Please know that we are lifting your family up in prayer in Louisville, KY, and I'll also be passing along Joanne's name to those at our church (Southeast Christian -- 22,000 members-strong!).

Praying that the Lord wraps you in His arms and doesn't let go. God's timing is perfect! He's carrying Joanne as I type this.


I'm still praying here in Mesa,Az. Our "SuperChurch" kids from Gateway Bible Church prayed for Joanne today! I met Joanne and Audrey last year at Beth Moore's Tucson conference! My friend Char knows her from Mission! I just have been praying without seizing since I first read about Joanne on Beth's blog! I cried out to God for her that morning! Then later in the day Char called me to tell me to pray for her friend Joanne and I told her that I had been praying for her even though I didn't know at the time that I had met her! God is really amazing!! I keep repeating Psalm 77:14 "You are the God who performs miracles!". So EXPECT your miracle!! I will continue to pray for all of you also! Keep the Faith and keep trusting God!!


Heard about you from Beth's blog also, and just sending more prayers your way and on Joanne's behalf. Hoping and trusting you feel his arms around you for strength and extending to your dear Joanne.

Terry Rayburn Mitchell

Toben, you, Joanne and I worked together in the Lindaman Center at Whitworth a long time ago. When I saw Tad Wisenor's message about Joanne's stroke, I couldn't believe that such a young, vital wife and mom -- one who has pursued the best of both those callings -- had been so stricken. Please know that many people at Whitworth are praying for Joanne's healing and for you and your daughters to be able to deal with everything that comes your way. You are so obviously in love with your wife and your girls, and I'm sure that strengthens you -- but also brings you incredible pain -- as you live through this terrible time. Just wanted you to know that I, too, am praying for you, asking God again and again to bring you and your girls comfort and strength and to bring your beloved Joanne back to you. Rest well, and know that you are in hearts all across the country, as well as in God's heart, tonight and in the days to come.

Melessa Brooks

I saw this on a friends facebook page. Dianne Cunningham.. she attended the same college as both of you.
My heart goes out to you and I have been sitting here praying for you Toben.. your little girls and for your wife of course.
Tonight just sit back and feel God's arms wrapped around all of you. HE is there. And HE sees you and knows .... your heart and Joanne's condition..... every bumpy roller coaster like minute. keeping you in constant prayer.
Melessa from Seymour, Texas


I have never met this amazing, beloved child of God..all I know is prayer which is at the very presence of God is what I have to offer...I am thrilled for each miracle that is occuring. Our God is in control..this is not a surprise to him..praise is healing name.


My prayers are with Joanne and for the family.


Praying from Birmingham, Alabama... Saw this through Beth Moore's twitter. I have been following ever since. I feel as if I know your family now. I have shared with my family and people around me as well.
Colossians 1:17 He is BEFORE all things and IN HIM ALL THINGS HOLD TOGETHER.

Cheryl Veenstra

Thank you for taking the time to update us and share your hurting heart. You and Joanne have always been willing to be vulnerable in order to bless others...but this all goes above and beyond what any human should have to bear. I got to know your sweet wife a couple years ago at DC in a mom's prayer group, Beth Moore study (of course!) and she was my daughter's Girl Scout leader. My favorite memories are of her blessing us w/ home-baked bread unexpectedly several times...her passion for Beth Moore's heart/teaching and her excitement about getting serious about studying the Bible! AND...her child-like enthusiasm as she taught the girls and played TONS of fun games w/ them at Girl Scout camp. I know these are just the TIP of the iceberg that IS JOANNE....God made her such a unique special lady (surrounded by an amazing and unique family!!) I am praying fervently/hourly that God restores her to her original brilliance and that she is able to vividly remember God's presence, words and comfort during this time she is sleeping. I can't wait to read the book she is gonna write!!!

I am SO glad that you all (as a family) have made the decision to create some boundaries around yourselves to protect what little energy you have left. NEVER feel guilty about have to do what you have to do. Thank you for communicating when you are able.

The prayers will continue...we are all in this for the long haul....

Gentle hugs,


I just found this blog recently, and was immediately in awe. There are no words for this development, except that I am heartbroken over this, for her, and your family as a whole. I am lifting you all in prayer. Blessings to you as you walk through this time.


Sadness fills my heart for you all, but I trust in God's larger plan for our lives as I know you do also. Your family continues to be in my prayers...for J who needs more good than bad, for the community that is supporting your family, for your girls as they switch schools.

AnneMarie Weeks

Prayers and love from my family to yours.


Praying in Madison AL


Praying from the Netherlands Lots off love and thank you Toben for the updates.



Sending love and prayers again from Ireland. And Toben ... I read a study once that concluded that, when riding a rollercoaster, being able to see and anticipate what was coming up actually led to increased levels of stress hormones and raised anxiety levels - especially in those who were not that keen on being on the rollercoaster in the first place!! Maybe being blindfolded on this particular rollercoaster is more of a blessing than it may seem!


Praying in NC.

Kathleen Bensi

Toben, I too learned of Joanne and your family's tragedy through Beth Moore's blog. I live in Columbus, Ohio. I check your site often, I pray constantly. I go to bed praying for your family and it is the first thing that I do when I wake up. I pray for healing for Joanne. I pray for peace for Audrey and Emma. I will pray for strength for you, dear brother.


Praying in WV!

Kim Feth

Continuing to pray. Thanks for letting one of Joanne's in-life friends take over the blog so that you have one less thing to distract you. I will be praying for each of your requests.
Kim Feth

Theresa Roach

Praying in Georgia and sharing prayer requests to others! Thank you for keeping us updated! Big hugs and continued prayers! Theresa

Christine H.

I met Joanne when she lead her study on Psalm 23 at Mission. She talked about how we must walk through the valley when all we want is to run through it, but then we may miss the blessings if we do. I am praying that you are comforted and strenghtened by our mighty Yahweh Yireh.


Always, your family and especially Joanne are in my thoughts and prayers.

Melissa Thacker

Toben, I only came to know Joanne through her blog and your joint blog with her. It was definitely a God direction type of thing. Through her blog and the 2 return emails I received from her, I was deeply touched and encouraged. She quickly felt like "friend" to me. I have not stopped praying for her and your family...not will I. God is good and He will restore completely in His time. Believing...

Melana Cummings

Continuing to pray here in Wyoming, for Joanne and all of you, her family and friends.

Let your sweet girls know that they are supported in love and prayers by so very many people who love their momma.


Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. We have 3 kids at DC and will do everything in our power to love on your girls during this difficult time.


Praying in Alabama for your sweet wife and two girls... and you. For God's healing power and His amazing comfort to envelope you.

Annette gautier

I just heard about this through a friends fb. We have 3 daughters at DC and our family is committed to praying for yours. I'm believing God for Joanne's miraculous healing and look forward to the glory it will bring God when you all come through this. I also lead a Beth Moore Bible study and will add your family to our weekly prayer sheet. God bless you & your sweet girls.

Sharon - Ontario Canada

Continuing to pray for Joanne, you, your precious girls and your families. Thank you for updating and letting us know how we can help.

April Driggers

Prayers from Texas....

Kelly Jones

I don't know you, I only heard about this on Lisa McKay's blog, but you are in my prayers!!


We are praying! May this saying, we have on a plaque in our home, help in some small way: "God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, nor sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way!"

Jesus is your Strength, Comfort and Light!
Wendy in Eden Prairie, MN

Ashley Honea

I'm praying unceasingly. My heart aches for all of you. Joanne is a constant in my mind and on my heart

Andrea S.

Heavenly Father,
I raise up the Heim family to you this morning. Lord I ask for wisdom for the doctors and nurses that are caring for Joanne today. I pray for your healing hand upon this beautiful wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. I pray for a miracle healing in Joanne Lord, and to you all glory be!

Father, I ask for you continued love, strength, comfort and peace to be upon Toben, and the family and friends who are surrounding Joanne at the hospital and making decisions in her care and treatment.

Lord, prepare a soft place for the girls to be as they start school on Wednesday, may they be surrounded by a true image of the body of Christ, and may they be lifted, loved on and cared for. Lord be with them during this awful, hard time. Give them the words to express what they are feeling and help them to know the love and support that surrounds them.

In Jesus name, Amen!

Toben & family-
My heart truly goes out to you. We have undergone this process with my father-in-law in the past year. And it was awful and gut-wrenching at times. I know how hard those decisions are...I know how scary those treatments can be. Joanne is much healthier than my father-in-law was, and I pray that God grants you your miracle!

Loving all of you so much!
Andrea S.

Wilma Hatcher

Praying from southern WV. I learned about Joanne from Tami Snowden on FB. We prayed for you yesterday in Sunday School. In this difficult time, hold fast by knowing the truth of what you believe and try to not let the "what ifs" scare you. The truth of God's Word will sustain you and claim those promises hour by hour and day by day.

We will continue to keep you, your daughters as they enter a new situation, and Joanne in our prayers.

Wilma in WV.



Christ has you and your family and especially Joanne in His grip. He won't let go. Tell Him when you hurt. He can take it. Let Him minister to you.
I am praising Him that the swelling is coming down and believing God is setting things right. Jesus is our Master. Romans 10:8-10 MSG.
Psalm 46 is my prayer for Joanne and all of you.
Thankful for the kind and compassionate care she is receiving through the caregivers. Answered prayer of mine.

Paige Szajnuk

Praying without ceasing in KS. God bless Joanne and your entire circle of family, friends and healthcare personnel.
Paige Szajnuk

Leah C

Prayers, prayers, & more prayers.

Kimberly Merrill

Just doing my devotions and was reading from Psalm 17; LOVE vv. 8 and 15:

"Keep me as the apple of the eye; Hide me in the shadow of Your wings... As for me, I shall behold Your face in righteousness; I will be satisfied with Your likeness when I awake."

Praying for Joanne, that she will continue as the apple of His eye, hidden in the shadow of His wings, beholding His righteousness, and satisfied with His likeness when she awakes.

Lady Jennie

Okay. I'm praying.


I don't know you or your family but I have been lifting you up fervently in my prayers. My prayer is that God's will is done and that He will be glorified in all of it; the good and the bad. I also pray for your sweet children that they will have an easy transition back into school and that their spirits will be at peace while trying to understand everything going on with Mommy. I also pray for you, Toben, that you will have a clear head in making decisions for your wife and that the Dr.'s will be intelligent, compassionate and understanding of your situation. Keep the updates coming.

Sandy Murdock

Praying in Niota, TN

Praying for Healing!
In Sunday school this past weekend, I was sharing what Joanne, you, and your girls were going through with this stroke.One man in class shared about a young lady that had had a stroke and that the doctors told the family she would never walk again. One year later she was not only walking but was also running! I pray this will give you encouragement and strength as you pilgrimage on this journey. Remember you are NOT alone, God is going every step with you!

May God bless you and give you WISDOM in all the decisions you are making and the PEACE and ASSURANCE, of trusting in God's guidance, after the decisions have been made.

We are all in agreement that God is there with Joanne, you, the girls, and the rest of the family. God has a purpose in this situation that we don't fully know but just look at the lives she has touched through this event(more than by just her books and web site and they reached so many already)!

I pray ALL will be able to rest in His arms and lean on Him.

Continued prays from Niota, TN

Cindy Young68

Many prayers being sent up from Franklin, In.

Necole Fellows

Dear Toben, Audrey and Emma,

"I call on the LORD in my distress, and He aswers me." Psalm 120:1

Praying Psalm 121 as well as Psalm 46 for Joanne!

In His Grip,
Necole Fellows


Praying for you from Fort Collins. May God give you peace during this time.

Barb Camblin

Sharing your pain and praying for God's favor over Joanne and your entire family. God is faithful to show Himself great through this time. He will hold you close as you wait on His plan to be known. God has been good to always give just what we need in just the right moment. Recently, God gave me a song by JJ Heller when I faced a medical issue in my life and needed assurance of His presence. The lyrics are below.

Standing in the Gap for You in Orlando, FL

Your Hands

I have unanswered prayers
I have trouble I wish wasn’t there
And I have asked a thousand ways
That you would take my pain away
You would take my pain away

I am trying to understand
How to walk this weary land
Make straight the paths that crooked lie
Oh Lord, before these feet of mine
Oh Lord, before these feet of mine

When my world is shaking, heaven stands
When my heart is breaking
I never leave your hands

When you walked upon the earth
You healed the broken, lost and hurt
I know you hate to see me cry
One day you will set all things right
Yeah, one day you will set all things right

When my world is shaking, heaven stands
When my heart is breaking
I never leave your hands

Your hands that shaped the world
Are holding me
They hold me still

More lyrics:
All about Jj Heller:


Praying for your family from Texas, stay strong.

Krista Vasquez Pennick

Toben... my strongest prayers are with you, Joanne, and your entire family. May God continue to give you strength and love! I remember Joanne fondly from our college days and know she's a strong fighter! Hold her hand for me..

Shannon Primicerio

Toben and family,

I have been praying for Joanne (and all of you) faithfully since her stroke. Please know I am praying specifically for the requests you mentioned and that I am asking God for a HUGE miracle. He is able. Thank you for keeping us updated in such detail. May God surround you with His peace today. I am asking God to be the strength of your heart:

"My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." --Psalm 73:26

Rachel B

Audrey and Emma,

Jesus is going to school right there with you. There are a lot of new things going on. Don't carry them all, OK? Give each one of them to Jesus, because He has such strong shoulders and a big, solid back.

Look for the good stuff. It's there.

Praying for you!

Donna J



Following your story! Praying for Joanne as well as you and your family!! I can't even imagen what you are going thru or dealing w/! May His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven!!


So glad to hear that something, however small, positive has happened.

Continually praying for Joanne, you, your family and especially you girls.

God bless


Praying for Joanne, you and your children, I cannot begin to imagine how difficult this is.

Pam Houston

Believing God with you and praying without ceasing. So thankful to know her brain pressure has dropped, thank you for the effort it takes to keep us informed, and trusting the LORD for grace given as a result of your most holy faith. The Body of Christ coming together in unity with all in your family and special loved ones for Joannes healing is a testimony of God's grace and anointing at work as you run this "marathon".

Jamie Patano

Prayers are being answered. Lowered pressures, thanks be to GOD. Glad the girls will be going to school, the routine of a day will help them and the hours at school will help their minds be not so fraught with worry about their Mom. Glad to hear you are restricting visitors. You all have a LONG road ahead and will need strength all along the path that God is leading you on. Remember to nourish yourselves with food, water, coffee whatever keeps you going. And get sleep. god is watching over all of you and the team of nurses, doctors etc. Toben thanks for all the updates, cannot believe you had clear frame of mind to write as beautifully as you have done. Will look forward to coming posts and glad you were able to pass it onto someone else.
Still praying...

Alex Humphrey

my heart and prayers are with you and your family! As money comes in I will share it. Thank you allowing people like me into your life during this very difficult time

Diane Mitchell, Iowa

Like many people here, we have never met. And yet we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Joanne has been heavy on my heart all weekend and throughout today I have found myself lifting her up before our great Physician. Your not left out Toben, nor are your girls! But mostly I feel the Holy Spirit prompting me to pray for your dear wife. We will probably never meet this side of heaven. Just know that God is working in the midst of this trial and in the end He will be glorified.

Susie Tiemeyer

Am so encouraged by your report. He who began a good work in Joanne will be faithful to complete it unto the Day of Christ Jesus. Will continue to pray.

Jennifer From TX

My prayers are with you and your family.


Prayers from Manhattan, KS. Prayers for complete quick and painless healing, wisdom for her caregivers, strength for you and your family, and comfort for your children.


Still praying fiercely! Wonderful to hear that pressure is staying down today, even tho it is taking drugs to do it! Medicine is just ONE of God's tools. We out here will keep the prayer part coming in abundance!


Prayers are pouring out for all of you from us here in Arkansas!

Rachel Lenda

Praying for Joann. So encouraged to hear that her pressure is down! Praise God! Praying for more positive signs tomorrow and in the next few days. I had never been to this blog until a few days ago and am just getting to know Joann. What a beautiful woman she is and a Godly example of a wonderful mother. I am inspired by her Memory Mondays to start memorizing scripture with my girls. I especially enjoyed watching the video of her and the girls reciting Psalm 91 and thought you would be encouraged by watching it as you pray for her healing during this time. (If you haven't already watched it lately.)

Melissa K Hand


We don't know each other, but you, your wife and family are friends of friends. I have been praying for Joanne and all of you and am a firm believer in prayer and in our mighty Heavenly Father and His power! You see, at 22 years old, the same thing happened to me that Joanne has experienced. I had two preschoolers and a new baby when I was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN. There doctors told my husband, parents and family I would not survive through the day and that they were to gather everyone together quickly to say "goodbye" to me. When word got out to friends and church family, a prayer chain was started and it ended up going all over the country (and I think even abroad)! I won't go into all the details; I just wanted to share my story with you to emphasize that God is STILL in the miracle business! After two months in the hospital, I walked out on my own two feet and have lived to raise my children to adulthood and even have two granddaughters. It was a rough road and I had few residual health issues after my ordeal, but I have good quality of life and have accomplished many things. God just wasn't finished with me yet, no matter what science or the medical professionals said. Even my neurosurgeon said there was no "medical" explanation as to how or why I survived and he asked me about my faith. I will paraphrase what I told him and I want it to encourage you: God is on His thrown, He is the Great Physician and He is Lord of ALL! Please know you are ALL being lifted up and He is carrying you in His loving arms. May He fill you with the peace that passes all understanding and may He bless and keep you.

The Coffins

Dear Heavenly Father on Your Hands we put Joanne's life and her family! We pray for strength and peace. Be you surrounding them with your presence and your love! May the Lord Bless You and Keep you may the Lord shine his face upon you, and be gracious onto you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace! Psalms 6:24-26


Praying for Audrey and Emma going to school tomorrow. I can imagine their anxieties and will pray for peace. God will be holding your hands, Audrey & Emma. :)


Please know that my prayers have been added to those of the others.

Carole from Ontario Canada.

The Coffins

Mr. Heim, Adruey and Emma! May The Lord Bless you and Keep you; May the Lord shine His face upon you and be gracious on to you, may the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace! numbers 6:24-26

We truly agree with you Mr. Heim we believe Mrs. Heim is absence in the body, and present in His presence. 2 Cor. 5:8 But only for a little while, we can't wait for the until Mrs. Heim is awake and fully recovered, to share with the world the wonders Jesus shared with her! Mr. Heim, you and your daughters are great inspiration to our lives, it is amazing how the Lord is using your time of Tribulation to bless so many of us! To stop and meditate that He is in control, we belong to Him, that we can trust Him fully, and that to Him nothing is impossible!


I've been checking in on your blog after hearing about your wife's stroke on other blogs; the mention of keeping her body's temperature cold stood out to me. My grandpa went into cardiac arrest in March 2005, and they immediately cooled his body down which was a new and radical procedure at the time. When his body was ready and rested and recovered, they warmed him back up, and everything was working as it should.
I'm so grateful for that procedure in his life and I'm hopeful that it will work wonders for you wife as well...


Just found this blog through a dear friend. Will be praying and watching for updates daily. Praying that God's will be done in your lives.

Fellow blogger,

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