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Hi Joanne...I'm going to take your book club suggestion as an encouragement to participate more and lurk less on your blog :o). I really enjoy reading your thoughts...

I'd be interested in reading this book with you. Here's why - I'm single (and praying for a husband). But I've always believed that just because I don't have children of my own, that I'm somehow excluded from the responsibility of pouring spiritually into the next generation. So I've made an effort over the years to make consistent investments in children or young people the Lord has placed in my life. I have nieces, a nephew and two Goddaughters (one who is 25 years old, the other just about 2!) that I feel blessed to have. I would really enjoy exploring more deeply how I could and should be investing in their lives as a spiritual mom. And a bit selfishly, I'd love to know what I should look for in a spiritual mom for myself, someting else I pray for...

So, count me in -- I'll order the book from Amazon so I'll be ready to go!


Dawn W

I'm in! Tell me what book, where, when and how!!!


Jennifer White

Joanne. We (Denise Bevins and I from Woodland Hills) have been discussing mentoring for the last 6 months or more and actually have purchased that book and a few more.
Would love to do an online study and talk more about the concepts.
My church in Louisiana does a mentoring program called Heart to Home that is exciting too.
Let's talk soon about this.
Love your blog. Thanks for being you!

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

Sounds like a good idea. Let me see if I can get it, Joanne.


I want to. I want to. I want to. Skype? How do we do this?


I would really love to participate! I think I could learn a lot from something like this.

Kim L.

Count me in as well. I really enjoy reading your blog and twitter comments. You are honest, funny and encouraging. Many times you have said what is in my heart and I am sure there are many other readers who would say the same thing. I am a big fan of Beth Moore as well as the Woman of Faith conferences so when you made comments about them it was another bonding moment for me! I look forward to reading more about doing a book study.


Count me in too! This sounds like a great book and I am excited to get started reading and discussing with you all. Joanne, I get such great book suggestions from you. I will be eternally grateful that you led me to Robert Benson! His books, along with yours, have provided me with great inspiration for my upcoming speaking engagements this fall. I am speaking to a group of woman in a few weeks about finding contentment in our daily lives. I almost have the speech done but feel it is lacking something. Do you have any book suggestions on that topic? Thanks!

Melissa @ Breath of Life

I already have the book, but haven't read it yet. I'm in! Now would be the perfect time, since I'm starting to teach the Sr. High Girls.

Helen at A Work of Heart

Hey there Joanne,

Count me in...I have always had such a place in my heart for this...when I was in my late twenties...I looked for "older" when to pour into me...and it really has only been of late ( I just turned 45) that in the church we are now in has such a great expanse of diversity of ages that I have older women pouring into me without me even ask it...I LOVE it...but I also know that I in turn need to pour out as that was a long winded way of saying yes...I have seen the book before and now I know where I can spend some of my birthday money...tee hee!

Oh...and can I dovetail on Tiffany's comment above...I echo the Robert Benson sentiment...I just bought In Constant Prayer while we were at the beach a couple weeks enjoying it...the Daily Office truly has been a balm to my soul that I had no idea I needed thes past couple of thank you once again!


I'd like to join in...I began working at the christian book store here in town a couple of months ago, let me see if we carry this book. If so I'll pick up a copy and join in the conversation.

I've mentored twice at my church...I've been mentored once...and it is an amazing experience on both ends. Like Melissa, I'm co-facilitating a bible study for the Sr. high girls at our this will be a good book for me to fill up on!

missi smith

I think I'd like to do this too. It sounds wonderful. Missi

Marla Taviano

I'm in, friend! Speaking of providence, my mom, sister, Livi, and I are speaking at a women's conference in November. We're doing 2 break-out sessions--a panel-type thing. On mentoring other women. :) This will be AWESOME!


I have a lot on my plate, but this sounds like a great book! Let me know the details and I'll see how it works out. Either way, it's going on my list of books to read!


Thanks so much, Joanne. I've been reading for a while (saw you written up in Whitworth Today, my husband's alma mater) and really enjoy your perspective and loving wisdom. Anyway, mentoring is a subject near and dear to my heart and experience. I've been having lots of conversations, thoughts and prayer about this lately. Please count me in! Ashley


I would love to join in. Sounds great hope it works out.



The book is already on my shelf and I've not ever read it ... sounds like now might be a good time. :)


I am in for sure!! There could be some changes coming for us and this is something that I have been interested in doing for awhile and would be great for our next step. Can't wait to start!!!


i'd like to join as well. i lead a weekly small group of 18 -21 year olds, and i'd love any help i can get!


I am interested - I have two teen girls that I mentor and could use some advice.


I would love to join the discussion when I get time. I'm ordering the book to at least read on my own if I'm not able to be around for the discussion. I used to be a youth director, now I'm SAHM to two little ones and my husband is an Associate Pastor, so this is right up my alley. count me in!


yeah. i wold love to do this.

Lisa notes...

This sounds interesting to me, too. I read the book a few years ago. I'll keep watching your blog for details...


I would love to do it...on line discussion is great for a homeschooling mom and a husband who travels. I will order the book today.


Laurie Rau

I'm in too! Sounds like a great book.


Carly Winborne

I'm just now reading this post and your offer for the group. Yes, I'd love to do it, too.

PS: Beth Moore also talks about providence in her Esther study, I believe. Good stuff!

Nicole B

Is it too late to join in?! I would love to join! Please let me know.



Just got the book yesterday. Ordered it through your book shop on Amazon. Got some other books you recommended to get the free kids love the Nutcracker book...think we might need to go this year at Christmas. Started reading Spiritual Mothering and it is great. We attend a PCA church so I am familar with Susan Hunt. She has written some great books for family worship time we are using. Looking forward to seeing how this will work for us non-bloggers.

Jenn Raley

Now, how did I find your blog? I can't remember...I'm just tickled in reading I forgot how I got here. I'm in the midst (came into it late) of a Beth Moore study on Esther...otherwise I'd look more into this one you have going. I plan on stopping by and reading more. Come by and visit me sometime too. I'm a Christian who loves my Jewish roots. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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