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Tammy S.

I have a hard time with finding a way to pray and not let my mind wander. The only time I find I can focus and remain fairly focused, is when I run on our elliptical. For some reason that works for me. But I need to do better, because sometimes you just can't find an elliptical when you need to pray!

Hope you have a great Monday!

Marla Taviano

Flat on the floor, face to the carpet. Ever since a Beth Moore study a couple years ago (Stepping Up maybe?), I've made it a regular habit. Especially when I desperately need an answer from God.

I've been on the floor a lot lately.


Joanne, This verse is very timely for us. Just yesterday, my husband preached to the church that every pastor needs his congregation to pray for him and his family and he asked them to find a place to do so at the end of the service...And so while they prayed for us, I knelt and prayed for them. I'm glad I stopped by today and saw this verse here.

Thank you!


In the morning laying down flat. No one taught me it just evolved naturally over a few years. Other ways in other situations, or throughout the day/evening.


I seem to find myself on the floor, face buried into the carpet. Alot. For some reason, the urge usually hits me in the upstairs hallway. Not sure why.

I'll be putting up my Memory Monday post on my blog in a moment. Yeah, I don't know how long it's been either.

Heart you, gf.

~ linda

I don't seem to have a specific, every time position or place. I pray when the Spirit leads me and that can be most anywhere or time. But I also am not disciplined in my praying. Food for thought for me. I will spend time with the verses in Ephesians. Thank you. I have posted today my memorizing.
~ linda


My favorite prayer posture is to be on my knees with my forehead on the floor. I always end up with carpet marks on my face, but I call them my "beauty marks" as every minute spent with the LORD makes each of us more beautiful. BTW, I love the Scripture you are memorizing... it is one of my favorites!

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