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Going to print this out and see what He has to say to ME about it! I have totally been a sissy lately!

Thanks for doing this.

Love ya.



Thank You for going to this work! Those of us who were unable to attend greatly appreciate it!
Blessings ~ Lisa


I was not there, but this message is so timely for the season that I am in... I love the one year challenge too.

Thanks for sharing :)


Thanks Joanne! I also printed this out so I can re-read it with my Bible in hand.


P.S. Loved your photos! It was so good to see some of my siesta friends!

Lora @ By the Lamp Light

Tears in my eyes - thank you Joanne for sharing the words Beth shared. I took the challenge Beth put out at a LPL event in NC to pray for one year "For an insatiable love for Him and His Word". I would have never thought to pray this on my own. I can tell you, after a year of praying, I'd find myself waking up thinking about Him and His Word instead of all the other things that use to occupy my mind. Thank you again for sharing the notes.

Georgia Jan

Joanne: I cannot thank you enough for taking your precious time to do this! WHAT MARVELOUS NOTES!

I knew they would be great because you are such a great writer!

This is the next best thing to being there...

Much love,

Dedra Herod

Thank you so much for posting your's almost as if I was sitting right there hearing her say the words and chatting with you about it after! Such a needed and great word. Love you - D


Thank you so much for sharing your notes with everyone. What an amazing talent and what an amazing message.
And thanks for sharing the pictures! Loved seeing familiar pictures (as I am originally from Cheyenne)and the pictures of those we see just a snapshot of on the LPM blog.
So glad to find this one!


Oh, it sounds like I would have LOVED to have been there. If I could - or if they are available, I would love to buy copies of all of her conferences. That would be a treasure.

Many of the things you wrote about has challenged me. One of the things is that I often get so "charged" by a message like you heard, and do so great at first, then like you said, return to my old self and my old ways soon.

Also about the purity - in raising my children.

Thanks for sharing!


WOW! What a great message! Thank you for sharing your notes with the rest of us! I wish I could have been there in person but this is a good second hand way to hear Beth's teaching!

Kim Feth

Finally got a quiet morning to review these notes as a my QT. Thanks for that! Yep, I'm in the one year challenge with you. I think I may have to repeat this tomorrow morning so I can get it all in my thick head. Wow, with everything going on in our lives right now, this word did not return void. Thank you so much.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

I came by to see if you had the rest of "agonizomai." I am missing the final sentence.

Praying for your wonderful time at the lake!!

Lots of love to you, friend!


Thanks for this!
I was not there, but I do plan to study this!


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