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Marla Taviano

I was going to suggest Randy Alcorn's book--you beat me to it.
Praying for that sweet woman's family. How old was she?
And thank you so much for all your encouragement yesterday. Love you!

Melissa @ Breath of Life

As you know, my daughter had a 4 year old school mate who was tragically killed. Our small community suffered another loss this weekend, when a 16 year old boy died in a car accident. There was such a spirit of heaviness in our service Sunday, but our pastor gave a tremendous sermon about finding HOPE. (I can send you the link, if you'd like it...just email me)

At the funeral for the 4 year old, the pastor reminded the congregation that the little boy was given a gift of having all this extra time with Jesus. That put things in perspective for me. This world, as much as we can enjoy it at times, is not our home.

Whew...sorry I got so long-winded!


Joanne, I am so sorry for your girls' loss. Praise God that they have you and Toben to use this as a chance to glorify the Lord. This song reminded me of a story that returning missionaries told of a service they participated in Africa. Every song sung in the multi hour service was about heaven. I think here in the US, we think we have it good so we focus on the now and not on this wonderful place called Heaven that is waiting for us. We need to keep our eyes and heart set on it - thank you for the reminder this morning!

Dawn W

I am so sorry for the loss you and your school have experienced. I am rejoicing with you, though, in the knowledge that she has moved onto "the rest" of her life, whole and complete, with her Savior.

Praying for comfort for your daughter's hearts!

Holly B.

Praying right now for this teacher's family and for yours. At church we sing a song in French called Maranatha. Amen!


It is so hard to watch your children's first personal experience with death. We will be praying for you all and the teacher's family. We are doing a sermon series at our church right now and it has been great. The first thing we did was make a list of what we KNOW about Heaven not what we think we know- but what we know. Most people's list were pretty short. We also have a question box and our pastor has been responding to those during the sermons. Very Interesting!


Thank you for the book recommendation; I will check it out. During a span of eight years, my husband and I lost all four of our parents, one after the other, to illness. We cared for each and were at the beside when each died. So our kids experienced the death of their grandparents, who were all a big part of their lives. Your girls will grow closer to the Lord during this difficult time.


Thanks for your comments. My kids have been full of questions as we've just passed the 1 year mark on loosing 2 special people in our lives (with in 2 months of each other). I stumbled on many of their great, thought provoking questions. I will get this book. Do you have any other recommendations for children?


I'm about half way through Randy Alcorn's book. You're right about it being a lot to get through but boy has it changed my perspective (and my desire) for Heaven. I'm so glad we have that hope!

Sarah Miller

I love the book Heaven. I recently lent mine out when I realized I needed to reference something. The library copy was checked out so I picked up the Children's version (also written by Alcorn). It is fast and concise, a great back up.

Jennifer Medeiros

I just read your post and I am so sorry for your loss. Yes...death is a very difficult concept to explain to children especially when we struggle with it, too. My grandfather passed away last May and my children have struggled with this loss. We talk about Heaven a lot and how Papa Neal is still living we just can't see him right now. It has brought comfort to all of us. My friend gave me the book Someone I love Died by Christine Harder Tanguald. It has seemed to really open the communication between my son and me. I will keep you all in my prayers and thank you for the book recommendation...Heaven. Blessings!


So sorry about your girls' loss and for all the other people this lady was probably so special to. Thank you for the book recommendation. I was not familiar with it, although I've probably seen it around, and I saw that there is also a Heaven for Kids to help answer questions. I'm going to see if I can find either one at the library first and go from there. Blessings to your family.


I'm so sorry for the loss of this wonderful lady to those that she left behind on Earth. I had a very vivid dream about Heaven about 7 years ago. I was greeted by a friend that had passed away in college. It was such a wonderful place. It took all my fears about dying and the unknown away! I'll pray for strength and comfort for you all!

Kim Feth

Loss of someone through school, especially a beloved teacher, is always tough! But what a great opportunity to teach AND demonstrate your belief in our always faithful LORD. I used to work with terminally ill children and their families. Somehow, kids handle these things so much better than us grownups.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


Christina our new born daughter helped me realize how much my husband Frank loved me. You can’t believe the amount of joy when he gifted me a beautiful gold medal with the words “World’s greatest achievement” engraved on it. You will agree when you check this for yourself at


THANK YOU for this insight. I am amazed at how God works - I was just speaking with a friend whose father recently passed away. She wants to understand heaven better and what a platform you gave us! I have ordered Randy's book already, so I am looking forward to the study.
Also, you mentioned that Tuesday's you prayed for the healing of others. Would you be willing to share your prayer method? I am always interested in this and looking to improve my relationship with God through prayer in any way I can.
My gratitude for all you do!
King Ferry, NY

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