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ok I have been away too long. Thank you for all of your prayers if you would continue to keep me in them I would be grateful. I missed your blog for a bit, but it is nice to get caught back up! How is School?

Helen at A Work of Heart

Thanks Joanne,

I made your morning glory muffins on spur of the moment this weekend and they were can never have enough muffin recipes.
I usually am lazy and make Trader Joe's Pumpkin muffins that never last through the day...but I am trying to use what is in my pantry instead of buying convenience products...taking steps in become a frugal housewife.

Have a blessed week...still praying for you during this intensive school time.


Awwww...that's a frame worthy picture.


ok they are in the oven as I'm typing this - can't wait :-)


Voila.....oh right. I was too tired to really think about it. Oops. Glad you like my First Aid Box!

Kim Feth

Thank you! Thank you! I'm going to pick up the ingredients I need on Friday and make them that evening so that our sleep over friends and my son have fresh, homemade muffins for Saturday. I can't wait to try them!
I hope all is going well with the classes. I've got a girlfriend at church who has just started back to school, and as expected, is overwhelmed with the scheduling. I referred her to your site.
Praying for an abundance of the Spirit and wisdom!
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


Sounds yummy! I don't get a chance to bake as often as it's too hot most of the time. I would love these though.

Cute pic of the kitty!

Marla Taviano

Cool. We're kind of snowed in, but I have all that stuff here--even a big can of pumpkin that I've been wondering what to do with. Happy Hump Day, friend!

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