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Melissa @ Breath of Life

We're thinking along the same lines. Just last night, I went through both freezers to see what I had. I have enough meats to have dinner for 3 - 4 weeks! So, I'm not buying any until we've gone through it all. I recently went through our pantry to see what's there, too.

I'm always a sucker for the buy one, get one free deal. But I've learned that it's okay to just get one...and get it at 1/2 price. I figure I'm saving $$ (some things I wouldn't buy if they weren't BOGO), and not crowding my freezer/pantry. It just depends on the item, though.

Besides...I want to have room in the freezer for those yummy pumpkin muffins!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Wife of Rob

Good Morning! Here is my little contribution to frugality. I hope that you have a great day at school and a great weekend! I'm out the door to the office--UGH! TGIF for sure!


Joanne, I'm the same way. For some reason a full pantry and freezer makes me feel secure. But I do have foods in my pantry and freezer that need to be used before I go grocery shopping and buy those same items all over again. Shopping from my pantry first is always a great idea.

Here's a link to the post I wrote for this week's American Frugal Housewife:

Wife of Rob

We can also stand to trim our pantry as well. I have the same "might need it" gene in me also. We buy cereal, detergent, dishwasher tabs, , paper products, meats and a few other things at Sam's Wholesale that actually do save us a good bit of money. But I agree with the revamping of the grocery store list....that's where they make their money off of us. I actually just heard on talk radio the other day that there is a company who does nothing but "study us (Americans)" through our bonus cards (grocery store), webclicks, etc. That's exactly why we end up with things that we don't need in the store, because "they" already know what we like. This company actually has the US divided into about 11-12 "tribes" based on our likes/dislikes. Do you know that they can actually have me watching one commercial and you watching another commercial on your TV based on what they know we want? How scary is that?

Dedra Herod

Wonderful post Joanne! Thanks for reinforcing what I need to do this weekend as I plan our family meals...


At the start of January I went through the freezer/fridge/pantry and made a list of everything we have- things I've made and frozen, sides, ect. Then I plugged it all into a January Calendar I printed. We buy our meat every six months in bulk, so I have only had to go to the store for fresh fruit/veggies and a few things here and there- our groceries have been about 20-30$/week! I try to make at least one thing per week that I can freeze so I will have something next month! I did it to really stretch our budget this month but I think I will continue with this- it has worked really well for us.

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

Hee hee! Did you read my Siesta post this week? Like minds, my friend. We're on the same page. I love when God does that!

Here's the link to my post, if you haven't read it:


We are working on this this month as well. Our fridge, pantry and deep freezer were filled to the brim. I think stockpiling is fine (I use lots of coupons to get things very cheaply or free), but it's time to trim the excess here, too.
I've already cooked a turkey, and still have 3 to go in the freezer...but not in January.


I do this in January to try and off-set the amount I spent on food in December for parties and guests. I "shop" at home and see how little I can spend on groceries. It's like a game to see how well I can do. And the prize is extra money to put in savings, donate, or use for a fun outing.

I am a true sale shopper, but usually stockpile what I can use later that won't ruin. That is how I am able to buy so little some weeks...I already have it on hand and got it for pennies in some cases. I make my menu based on sales and what I have to save a little along too.

Jen B.

Aw! I'm WAAAAYYY behind on blogs this week because of work and traveling. Had no idea you had linked to my little Epicurious find. Hope it helps lots of ladies take advantage of the staples they already keep at home. I'm finding that I have many more meals available to me with my staples than I had realized.

I also greatly appreciate Simple Mom's pantry and freezer inventory to keep track of what I have in stock:

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