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The view from the kitchen is beautiful!


I bought candles for our Advent wreath last night at Walmart! This is the third year that I haven't been able to find the traditional purple/pink candles, so we just improvise (I see you do too) with whatever colors I choose.

We do much the same as you...light candles, read the readings, sing on Sunday nights. Then light them every night at dinner and eat by candlelight. I love it. It's one of my most favorite things about the season.

Beth Whitney

Hi Joanne-
Your tree looks great, and so does the snow. Here in the Sacramento area, we get snow about once every 5 years, and we're lucky if it sticks!!

A friend of mine wrote a "12 Days of Christmas" similar to the Resurrection Eggs idea. We are doing that this year.

My youngest, 3, LAUGHED when I told her Christmas is Jesus Birthday. I have some work to do!!


I would love to have advent truly explained to me. I don't understand if it's something that our family should really participate in. Is it a Catholic tradition? I'm just not sure. We're Baptist and I hear about it each year but my family never did this.


I love the snow photo! I'm so envious. Down south where I live, we rarely see snow. I've never had a white Christmas! (Sounds pitiful, but it's not really.)

I'd love to see a photo from that same window in the Spring. What a visual that would be of God's ultimate creativity!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season! Looks like you're well on your way!

Dawn W

We celebrate with an advent calendar that is a box with little doors to compartments. Some days have slips of paper with Scripture (funny how it works out to be the appropriate Scripture on the appropriate Sunday! Ha!), some days it's a little gift, a piece of candy, a tiny ornament, etc. Once a week, it's a shiny penny - meant to remind my kids of the blessings they already have and a reminder to "pay it forward" that day.

By the way, I loved the photo of the scene through your kitchen window. I INSTANTLY remembered the photos of your freshly mulched flower beds - doesn't seem that long ago, does it?


Dawn W

PS - I love your advent candle holder - where did you find it?


I am also wondering where you purchased your advent candle holder... I love it!


Debbie V.

What a blessing to look out from your kitchen over that beautiful scene. Thank you for posting the photos - the cats were cute too :) I can't wait till we get some snow here.
I've never really celebrated Advent - maybe this year I can attempt something. Thank you for the links to info.

Kim @ My Journey

The pictures look so cozy and beautiful! We are also enjoying celebrating Advent... what a great way to remain focused as a family this season.

Nicole Dean

I LOVE your advent candle holder! Where did you find it?

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