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Queen B

I just made a spot in my calendar to write a verse to memorize each week! I'm going to join you! Thanks!!


Absolutely beautiful thought Joanne. It might sound a little childish but when we pray at our temple in a group,I always feel a sense of happiness from within when there is a prayer I know and don't need to read from the book. That just helps me chant the hym with better concentration and devotion.

And also, when I read the passage that you have chosen for this week, I totally fell in love with the part where it says to do everything for God and not for men. I think if I keep in mind everyday that whatever I am doing is not for my boss or for my company but for the almighty I might not have the fear of messing up and do it better.
Many thanks dear friend.


Holly @ Crownlaiddown

Posted! Count me in!


What a wonderful idea! It is something that I need to do as well so I will join you. I think I will write the verse out on a card and put it on my frig....


Teri H

Great idea! I've been meaning to do a post on this too! I've finally found a "system" that works for me in memorizing scripture! And I will post it soon!!!


Hi Joanne,

I just finished up a mega memory month held by Ann Kroeker and just posted my recap...she memorized John 14 and I memorized Romans has been such an amazing month and like you it really brought home the need to hide the Word in my heart and also that it would be displayed in my life...God is so tender and gracious...every time that I have attempted seems that the verse or verses pop up all over the place...this time was no exception...two weeks in a row some of my chosen verses were used in the sermons...

So...I may not start this week as I still need to work on the last few verses of Romans 12...but I will catch up with you all soon...


This will be a challenge for me... but, I'll at least give it a try.

Lori Anne

Hi Joanne. Boy do I need this. Thanks for the button. Memorizing has never been easy for me, but I know it's so important to memorize God's word so I will have it readily with me when my Bible is not. I'd like to do this with my kids as well - perhaps with a shorter verse to begin.

Tammy S.

This is such a great idea! In Bible college we did a lot of this in our various classes, but I'm sorry to say I just memorized a lot of the verses because I had to or because they were going to be on a test. I know now the importance of storing God's Word in my heart, and I can't wait to get started!

Beth Whitney

Great idea! I am such a firm believer that once you memorize a verse-it is never far from your mind. I still remember a verse in SPANISH from a trip to Mexico when I was in high school!

There is a great "Psalty" song about hiding God's word in our hearts, and it does a verse per letter of the alphabet! (we have it on tape!)


Oh, you are so right...I'll definitely link up if I join in. Thanks for the motivation.

Teri H

I don't know if you like to participate in "tags" but I tagged you! =)


I'm in - but the button doesn't work on my computer (?)


Oh this will be great accountability! And I recognize the lovely picture of the Word! How did your speaking engagement go today? I prayed for you dear one.


Hey there. How did it go today?

Is it okay if I start with something easy like..."Jesus wept"?

I'm horrible about sticking with my scripture memorization!


I'm going to try to do this too. Thanks so much for the great idea and accountability!

Marla Taviano

Thank you, friend, for my beautiful birthday surprise!! You are so wonderful!!


I tried adding to my blog using HTML/JavaScript section and pasting it but it did not show up any suggestions? I am looking forward to working along side everybody. I have been trying to memorize my favorite Psalm. Thank you!


thank you dear. I now have it working I am looking forward to this!!!!


What a great idea!! I need all the help I can get.....and I know from experience that hiding God's Word in your heart is the Key to walking with Him constantly and consistently! I love your blog....thank you, thank you!

Heather C

I love it! I'm in... I'll start next Monday, though :) What a great idea!

Heather C

Ok... scratch that. I'm motivated to get it learned by Monday anyway, even with just three days to do it. I started small. :) Posted.


You totally inspired me to start memorizing verses. Since last Monday I've memorized 6 already! It helps it to stick when I say it out loud, with voice inflection and hand motions, I mean it. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation! Truly God is in this effort because I'm the worst memorizer ever.


Hi Joanne! Just found your blog via The Queen B and I am in love!

I have been needing to be much more disciplined when it comes to memorizing Scripture. What wonderful and powerful motivation. I would love to join in!

cathy davis

I'm joining as well (thank you Holly for the link!)


great idea!
I put your button on my side bar.


I added a a button- I plan on joining!


I just found your blog! I will try to do this memorizing as well. Great idea!!!
god bless!!!


I love this idea, and like you have intended to memorize scripture but never actually got around to it. Mine this last week was Lamentations 3:22-26. This weeks is Isaiah 9:6 - 7.


I found this through Beth Moore's blog. I'd love to join your group. Thanks for the encouragement.


I love it! Count me in!!! Guess I'd better get started.. I'm already a day behind! :)


Count me in! On Week#3


I did It YAY! My first memorized scripture!


I shall begin on Monday as this is an area that plagues me and I desire to hide God's Word in my heart! I thank God for directing me to this site!
Thank you, ~ linda


Hmmm, this is a good idea!

~ linda

My first Memory Monday and God blessed me with encouragement and ability to memorize II Timothy 2:11-13. I praise Him.
~ linda

~ linda

Thank you for the encouragement through these Memory Mondays as I am now actually memorizing Scripture and remembering them. I am grateful for the Holy Spirit's guidance and patience.

Bethany Peters

I just joined last week! What a great way to be held accountable! Thanks Joanne for the challenge and weekly reminder on your blog to finally get me to start doing it myself!

the wild raspberry

this is a great verse indeed!
have a wonderful day~


Hi, I just found your blog. Would like to join in Memory Monday.

Prairie Girl

And was sent the link for Memory Monday from Graywolfie (previous commenter). Am excited to join as well!


Hi Joanne, I just recently stumbled across your blog. Memorizing scripture has made such a wonderful difference in my life. I am so glad to see this encouraging post and will be more than happy to put your button in my sidebar. This will keep me motivated to keep at it. Thanks

Doylene Brents

I'm joining now. I have the button on my blog. I'm also on Facebook.


Better late than never...I'm starting this week.


I may be late but I've wanted to go deeper and challenge myself and I am going to do this! Thanks!


This is beautiful! Definitely count me in. Thanks! ;)

Karen W.

Just saw your button on someone's blog. Would love to join you. Perfect timing, too.


I think that this is such a great idea. I know that you have been doing this for awhile. Is is okay to start now.

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