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Queen B

I love a good calendar!! My current paper favorite is the Polestar Family Calendar. I am also quite fond of the MomAgenda Calendar.

After your post the other day, I have been playing around in Entourage. I need a tutorial. Any suggestions on "simplifying" Entourage?


I use a wall calendar! I'm a bit more simple when it comes to all the techy gadget things. That basically means I don't own anything more techy than a computer! LOL.

I write *everything* on my wall calendar,and review it daily...sometimes hourly. If I'm out and someone asks me about a particular day, I'm able to tell them I'll get back with them once I get home and check my calendar. Gives me time to think and not overcommit myself!

I'm a huge list maker as well, but I kinda like the old-fashioned lists I write out on 3x5 index cards.

Simple works for me!

Angie Platten

OK, all your systems are a source of envy but, I have to admit, overwhelming. Not overwhelming once set up... it's the set up, or the thought of it, that overwhelms me. I have a day timer but mostly write appt's in it and only carry it with me when going somewhere that I may need to make an appt. Otherwise, I do throw away lists for the day. We use our back door glass window as a dry erase board for important stuff. I started using an online calendar but realized that I forget to look at it. Although, Chuck and I were just talking the other day about getting a central online calendar going much like what you and Toben do. Simply because he's not good at multi-tasking and keeping up with a ton of appts. and he forgets. If Know when he has them, I can help him remember.


I keep everything on Mircosoft Outlook. Every morning when I get on my laptop it pops up with all my reminders for the day. I also like paper calendars...something for the whole family to look at. Still working on that.....


I use a wall calendar hanging in the kitchen. I record appointments, special occasions, etc in the squares. I also carry the disposable planner that Joann talks about on her blog in my purse and refer to that when the need arises.

Marla Taviano

I'm more a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-drawers kind of girl. :)

Jen @ I should be cleaning & myladybuggs

All I can say is WOW! I am SO envious of your organiztion -- I aspire to be you one day -- is this sad? You've really got my interest peeked on Entourage -- I must learn more!


I am a tactile person, so I need my paper calendar in my purse at all times. I am very attached to it - I think it might be a disorder actually. :) I misplace the calendar - my world starts to spin. I keep track of my husbands travel schedue by highlighting dates that he is away. This clues me in to put less on my plate those days, as I know I will be in single mom mode. I like your idea of calendering your menus that would really help me think through our food each week!

Mary @ Simple Things

I keep our family calendar on Yahoo. It has everything on it from hubby's work schedule to school activities to birthdays. My whole family has a link to it so they can see what we are doing. If my SIL is planning a b'day for one of her kids, she can check our calendar to see if we are free. I like that.

I also have a dry erase board on the front of the fridge. I marked off seven blocks with a permanant marker and labeled the days. Each Sunday morning before anyone else gets up I fill in the week's activities.

I also have a paper calendar that I carry around but it's never up to date so I don't know why I bother. I need to come up with a good way to have a mobile calendar. I don't want a Palm Pilot though. I prefer paper.

Karen Fridy

Well, I had a Palm and it kept me sane for a while, then my husband took it over because I went back to using a paper planning calendar. I also have a BIG white board calendar on my frige...looks a lot like your computer one - everyone has their own color and everything goes on it. That, unfortunately, is about as organized as I've managed to get!

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

Hope your day was doo-dah-licious, friend!


Holly @ Crownlaiddown

PS I rarely use a calendar, except a monthly one by the telephone. I rarely look at it. Sometimes I do make a list for the day or week, if it's extra busy...but generally, my busy is not really that busy.

Lori Anne @ Seeking Me

Joanne, you always have the best ideas to share! :)
I use a personal (read: Mom) calendar for my family info and my own personal notes. It began as paper (Day Timer,etc), became computerized (Palm), and has come full circle back to paper again (MomAgenda, Busy Body, Daily Docket). However, I have always maintained a wall calendar in the kitchen with all family events on it so everyone knows who will be where when & where there is (or isn't) room to plan. I recently felt the need to blog about how my calendar keeps me sane although it's much more long-winded than this. :) Must be something in us all about loving to learn new ways to order our busy lives.


I have a white board calendar that I picked up at Target a few years ago. Oh how I LOVE that thing! It is hanging in the kitchen for everyone to see @ all times. :) Then I also have my peterpauper paper planner that I can carry w/me and mark dates for a year in advance....since obviously the white board can only be done a month @ a time, and life just doesn't wait like that, lol.


I love that your Palm syncs with your calendar. I've been thinking about updating my cell phone so that I can sync everything together. Command Central... I've tried it and it's failed... however, now that my kids are bigger, I think it will succeed. Off to create command central, again!

Lori Anne @ Seeking Me

My current calendar keeping saga is briefly blogged here if you're looking for some new links. Joanne had a great idea adding pictures, I will try to do that in the next day or two & maybe save you some time.

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Well, I've tried a Palm & paper. I'm not really sure which one I like best. Both have pros & cons. Recently, I've been thinking I should go back to my Palm. I like that I can put in reminders well in advance. It was hard to get used to entering everything, though. BUT, I was using the Palm before I really simplified my life, so it may be easier to use now.I'll have to give it a whirl again. I'll put holidays, events, and menus on it. I've tried having designated chore days (for me & my girl), but it just doesn't work.

I will always have a paper calendar for my business...easier for customers to look at to pick dates for their shows.

As for daily lists, I'm like Meredith...3x5 index cards are wonderful.


i'm honestly not really that busy, but i love lists and keeping a calendar. my kids are small (2 1/2 and 3 mos.) and aren't in school yet. i don't work except for an occaisional photography or design job. however, the calendar system i use is: 18-month weekly school planner (birthday, appointments, social stuff, etc.) and a weekly self-made calendar on the fridge (meal plan, daily chores, etc.). i, too, keep a magnetic dry-erase board on the fridge to jot down my grocery list throughout the week. just before i leave for the store, i copy it down on a piece of paper.

Meghan Kuyper

I'm a MAC girl, so it's iCal all the way for me. For my family, it's far superior to a paper calendar, allowing me to change recurring appointments, etc., with the click of one button. No more crossing out or using white-out and such. It just saves time. There's also a separate section in iCal for "to-dos," and I keep similar lists in there that you mentioned: books to read, shopping lists, gift ideas for my kids/friends, etc. Once something is purchased, it's deleted off the list with the push of a button...there's no more re-writing entire lists on a new page of paper after several things have been crossed off. And having everything already in the computer electronically means I can cut-and-paste it into Word to print anything or list I may need to take with me.

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