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Holly @ Crownlaiddown

Got my darlin' fabric pumpkin out that you made last year! I love it :) And I love the wonderful memory of it, especially.

Have a blessed Sabbath, friend!


Hmmm...I've got the stems from breaking them off all the squash I put in storage today--perfect timing. Now, all I need is fabric. I don't have much of a stash like you and Janna! I put all the stems aside after reading this. I'll have to come up with something cuz these are too cute!!


Really like those pumpkins!


LOVE this project. We will give it a try.


brilliant !!!!!!!!
I'll make this soon ! MERCI !

Jules from The Roost

I think I can....I think I can...I am awful at crafts but this cute pumpkin is very tempting to try ! How a-bout a give a-way??? Just a thought! HEE HEEE :)


These are so cute! Thanks for the link :-)

Susan Klasen

Great site - I have made many fabric pumpkins and enjoyed your presentation. The blessing was the books you have written....thank you....

Someday Crafts

Love these. featured at


Hi, this is an excellent Halloween craft!! i'm writing from, a non-profit site for creative ideas and crafts. We'd love to feature it on our upcoming Halloween section if you are interested!
Please e-mail us at the address given.
The Blue Team


I LOVE the furry pumpkin!!

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From a guy's perspective i really don't understand what they're for, really. Could anyone please explain it to me ?





Diane  Westbrook

Hi There!
I was looking at another blog today and she had some stuffed pumpkins that looked so much like yours...the fabric was velvet! So after finding out how much they cost...kind of overwhelming for my budget, I started a search on the internet...guess what?? I finally found your site and the pumpkin pattern was just perfect! One other pattern said to use a circle of fabric and wondering if you have ever tried that method? The other question I have is this....where do I find the stems?
I am sending a prayer for a very very swift recovery, as well!

Ana Paula

Hi! Your pumpkins are so pretty and easy!
I made one and posted on my blog linking to you.
You can see my post here:

Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial.
Ana Paula.


Hi, I posted your tutorial link on my site a few days ago. Thank you for sharing the adorable how to.
I pray the Lord continues to heal you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Rene' xo

Alice Happe

would like to make some of your pumpkins,but have no stems. Do you sell stems?
i am interested.

Kathleen Gilder

Hi, I love your fabric pumpkins! I sell plastic pellets ( and would love to include your pattern on my site. I'm encouraging people to use my pellets as the weight in the bottom. A big advantage of the pellets over rice or beans is that you never have to worry about mice going after them. Also, no problems with mold.

I'll be happy to include a link to your site if that is ok with you.

Kathleen Gilder
Craft Pellets

Joanne Heim

Yes, thats fine. And thank you!

Joanne Heim | Sent from my iPhone

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