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Melissa @ Breath of Life

Amen & AMEN! I get up at 5:30. I'm usually in bed by 10. I was a night owl until about a year ago, when the Lord convicted me on rising early. It's not always easy, but I realized that I set the tone for our mornings, and if I'm right with the Lord...our mornings (and therefore our days) are much smoother. I even have time to tackle a household chore or two before heading out the door!

I balked at rising early for years, and now I hate that I wasted all that time. I didn't think it would be worth it, but the payoff has been tremendous.

As you comparison.


Thank you for your words this morning. I needed to hear it.
I miss those rainy Colorado mornings. Loved them when we lived in the Springs.


I am facing a similar dilemma myself. I feel the Lord is asking me to start my quiet time in the AM rather than at night. As I've gotten older the morning seems worse and worse. :) My children have learned not to say too much until the coffee is going. I get alot of flack about going to bed early too. I've tried to train myself to stay up but I'm a wreck the next day. So no worries I think your in good company about the early to bed thing.


love the rainy mornings!!

So glad you enjoyed this one.

blessings and big hugs girl!


I envy you and the "fallish" weather. Here in CA it is still in the high 80's and low 90's with no rain in sight.

Holly B.

"Time with Jesus makes all the difference." Mmm. C'est vrai !

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