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Hahahahahahaha! This is hilarious!

Dawn W

We've had similar phone calls with Santa, too!

Oh, the fun of make believe!

The NON-Superwoman

Cute. My little one has been asking about the tooth fairy. Except I don't think this phone call would work--he would want me to put the phone on speaker to hear the tooth fairy's voice!


Sooo sweet! Our toothfairy leaves notes back, but the one time she't, there was a slight bit of disappointment, so she must repent and do better next time. ;)


Oh my goodness! That is too funny. Calling the tooth fairy! I have seven year old so we are in the midst of teeth falling out as well.

Christy Pelt

What a great story!

My children always expected dollars and not cents also:)

Typically we give $1 a tooth. However, my youngest son always thought that the ones that were harder and hurt more to pull were a good enough reason to receive $5.

Thanks for sharing about the book. I always love to know about a good read!


This is about the funniest thing ever. Love it.


That is adorable and if you don't mind I may have to borrow the idea. I have a five yr old who asks me to check and see if her teeth are loose. I must wiggle them daily. Of course they aren't...she's just so excited about the whole tooth fairy thing!Reading the other comments though she may ask for the speaker phone too. LOL


We email the Tooth Fairy at our house! I would be too worried about being on hold if I called!! : )


Too cute!

Believe it or not, MY Emma is about to lose her two bottom teeth. She's not even 5 yet! We found the two wiggly teeth last week, and as if she hadn't already grown up overnight with the arrival of her baby brother, her two about-to-be-gone teeth have made her seem instantly grown up. I'm not handling it well!

I might have to borrow your little phone call idea. She has already asked how the toothfairy knows to come. I was stumped. But she quickly moved on from that thought to share with us that the toothfairy leaves you a PENNY for your tooth! This was good news to Gary and I. :)

Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

Wow! Inventive. Aren't you glad the phone didn't ring while you were on your "call"? HA!

When I do school visits, I tell the kids that the tooth fairy always knows when their tooth drops, because of the "ting-ting-ting" it makes on her tooth-o-finder. Gotta love a tooth fairy with high-tech gadgets! ;-)

Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt
Author, You Think It's Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?
12,000 copies sold!

nathan bedingfield

Brave enough for her to do it by herself! It's cool for kiddos to get a little demanding and curious (yeah, for me it's cool!). And by the time grow up, they are most likely to find out that their tooth fairy is no other than...

US! =D

Nike Air Max

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