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Melissa @ Breath of Life

I keep saying I'm going to do this, but haven't gotten around to it yet. One day...*SIGH*


That's a great idea! I have files full of things I've cut out of magazines, and They're such a pain to sort through when I'm looking for something. I'll have to give this a try!


What? Could it be? I actually did something that Joanne does? No way! ;-)

It definitely wasn't a creative streak that prompted me, just my OCD. My incessant need for order and organization! I started my "Great Big Book of Everything" when I was pregnant with Veggie Boy (he turned 9 in Sept)

BTW - we LOVED Stanley around here. Oh how I wish they still loved those "little" things...they're getting too big!



Very cute! My dream book hasn't been updated for a long time.....time to get inspired!

missi smith

Hi-I do the same thing! I have decorating ideas, craft and seasonal ideas, beauty and fashion, articles on health and people I admire. I also keep articles about teenagers and teenage issues that I think will inspire my son to stay strong in his faith. He's only five but I want to be prepared. Ha! Missi

Marla Taviano

I haven't been to your site in so long. I missed you! I'm all caught up now. If we could only get better...

Can't wait to make a poster of our goals! Congrats on getting your manuscript finished! When will it be released?

Queen B

What a great idea! I have been dreading going through magazines. I end up throwing them away and then I have guilt over that! I am going to start one this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!!


I do this as well...but yours is a bit prettier than my cutting files...I may have to spiff things up a bit...I can be a major magazine hoarder and this is the one way that I have found that works to keep down the clutter and keep everything in an organized place!


Great minds think alike!! I too have a book of ideas. Only mine is just a plain black binder with ideas not as cute looking as yours, Joanne. I started mine when I was working with the girls's group at church. I would see a cute idea for a girlie party, craft, etc. So instead of keeping the magazine, I just started ripping out the pages as I saw them. I have used this book. It is much easier that thumbing through a stack of magazines.


I started a post and when it got too long, I cut and pasted it to my blog and made an entire post about it! lol

It's just one of those freaky days, today.


I was just looking at my Martha Stewart magazines wondering what to do with them. I didn't want to throw them away, but I didn't want them collecting dust either. Thanks for the idea.

Laura W.

Great idea! I'm inspired :)

Jennifer Medeiros

Love this! I have a file of things I have collected from magazines.....and now I am inspired to put them in a cute binder. Thanks!! I also want to comment on your poster board with goals for 2008. My family and I are going to do this....I hope you don't mind that we take your idea. I usually write them in a journal and then forget about most of them. Happy New Year!! Love Jen


What magazine was that first page from? (the page with the patchwork sewing ideas) What is your favorite sewing ideas magazine?

I have an ideas binder, too, but so far I only get Real Simple magazine and I'm looking for some others to possibly subscribe to.


Good idea. I shall get down to doing one too!


What a great idea! And a wonderful blog. :) I just discovered it through "Not that girl ... THIS girl" and am excited to explore more. :)


What a fantastic idea!!! I have a "household binder" that i keep a lot of stuff in..and pages of important things from magazines that i love would be a great addition!!! Thanks so much for sharing! :)


Your post is, I think, an answer to prayer for me. I have been noodling around several creative ideas and projects for the past six months and am finding I need to get them out of my head and into something permanent like an idea notebook. I have been praying for vision and direction with what to do with this "stuff" and I think that between Divine Inspiration, your post and Kimberly's post I am finally moving forward with this one!

Thanks for the direction, Joanne!


Hi Joanne - I love this idea and have one for household stuff: organzing, decorating/ fabrics & colors. I just read about a site (snapfish) that allows you to compile your own recipes along with family photos into a cookbook! I think that may be my next organization project. Happy New Year!


Thanks for the reminder and inspiration, Joanne. I've been tearing pages out of magazines for years with the intention of doing just what you're talking about. This is among one of the goals for projects to do in 2008 that I didn't get around to in 2007.

And for those who feel guilty about throwing away magazines, recylce them, take them to a senior center or your doctor's office or somewhere that folks need reading material or printed matter for projects, like schools.

Be sure to cut off your name and address though.

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