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  • On Jan. 11, Joanne suffered a major stroke. She is now at home and continues on the journey to recovery.

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I guess it depends on how you use it? I, too, got off for about a month last year. My favorite reason for even being on it is to stay connected to people I otherwise wouldn't have a chance to. I have family all over the country and get to watch their kids grow up on FB. It also help me stay connected with people I work with on a social level. But I will tell you it is a time waster. If you don't miss it, why don't you wait another month and reevaluate? If it doesn't matter then, maybe you have your answer?


I would agree that it's easy to get hooked but it is a great way to stay connected with family and friends. Do your girls have Facebook? If so, it's also important to stay current on what they are doing and who they are friends with. Set a limit and see how it goes - if that works then great. If not, maybe it is something you will decide you don't need. Either way, only do what works for you!


I felt the Lord convicting me of nt using my time wisely and felt urged to deactivate my fb account. I could not be more pleased. Not sure I'll ever go back!!!
Honestly, I feel like social media has allowed me to be lazy with friends and family instead of pursuing them through a phone call, or even snail mail.


I have never joined FB, however I am doing two classes on-line and there are discussion groups happening on FB that I am not part of, this gives me cause to wonder if I should join. But, I haven't and I probably won't, because I don't understand FB and I don't agree that FB should know me and get my time when I don't want to be in a relationship with it/them. Can you imagine if you gave God just a fraction of what folks everyday give of themselves to FB? Has FB earned the right to all you give and share? Probably not.


I quit facebook a few years ago when I was inbetween jobs and realized I was spending too much time on there reading status updates on people I never even talked to! I know facebook is beneficial as far as keeping up with friends, getting in touch with people you've lost touch with, etc. But, for me, overall it was a waste of time. And a lot of the people I was "friends" with on facebook, I am no longer in touch with now that I'm off it. I gave them my contact info, but they just didn't seem interested in making the effort to email.

Tamara cosbh

You don't know me..and I don't remember how I found you...but I have been Facebook free for about 2 years now and about 5 months ago, I actually deactivated my account and felt soooooo liberated it was ridiculous!!!!! I pray God will show you what He wants you to do!!!


I find Facebook to be a perfect carpool activity. The short posts are perfect for the stop and go traffic. :) I can keep up and it's naturally limited!


Don't go back. Have personal interactions with people. My take is it is not how the Lord wants me spending my time or living my life. Just my take. I was only on for a short period and realized it was best for me to delete.


Ever tried to tell (speak actual words face to face) a real friend about something very special in your life? I am referring to something like your child's wedding...when suddenly you realize that they have a blank look on their face. Then you realize they already know all about it. They got every detail including pictures on FB. You were so anxious to share that moment with have a real "friend"ship
It's sad....


Hey Toben,
I never started with Facebook because so many of my friends did and then found themselves trying to break the addiction!! :)) Haha. But I can certainly see the benefits, especially if you have loved ones who live far away from you that you want to keep up with. My 16-year old son decided last year to take a break for a few months and was SO glad he did. Then he got back on, with a daily time limit such as you're proposing, but has found it hard to stick with that. Seems very addictive! Anyway, I figure the closest people to me will stay close whether I FB or not. Good luck with your decision!


I gues it's like anything that's good.... too much of it inevitably turns bad!


I've found FB to be invaluable as a Christian- an opportunity to stay much more closely connected to 100's of friends and associates and a HUGE timesaver!! I can spend 30 minutes a day (15 minutes morning & evening) and know everything important that's going on in the lives of distant relatives, missionary friends overseas, business associates and more as opposed to the 100's of HOURS needed to write, email or phone that many people even twice each year to keep up. To know that a missionary friend halfway around the planet needs urgent prayer, or that a friend who lives 3000 miles away's child has been rushed to the hospital following an auto accident gives me the opportunity to quickly respond by prayer, by email by phone or in person as needed. A quick FB post from a smartphone can have 100,000 people praying for an urgent situation within minutes as 100's of friends post and repost during life-and-death critical moments. Of course not every situation is life-and-death, but how wonderful to be reminded of a friend's birthday or to know that an former ministry associate has been diagnosed with cancer or that friend's father has just passed away. I can maintain a half dozen really close friendships, but FB is a Godsend in helping keep track of 700+ other people I genuinely care about but who are not a part of my daily life. No- I wouldn't give up FB any more than I would give up my cellphone. Self-control is a much underrated fruit of the Spirit! LOL!


I say keep going with the fast. I used to only look at Facebook once a month. Now I'm back to checking it multiple times a day. I hate it. I need to get back on my anti social network bandwagon.


I do like Facebook for keeping in touch with family members that live in a different state than I do. There are days when I do check it multiple times. I am not one to post constant status updates I have to say that I am amazed how some people pretty much put their every move throughout the day on there. I think there is a balance, I love sharing pics with my family in California, things like that. I don't think that I will ever totally give it up, but I do like to limit my time spent on it.


Our pastors recommended to us that we could look at Facebook as a tool to pray for others either by their status or just by seeing their name.
I also agree if your girls are on it than you should be at some level. As a Christian educator I think it is so important for parents to be seeing who their children are communicating with and how they are communicating. I think it promotes great learning and conversation.


It occurs to me that what you OUGHT to do is move the information from this blog to a facebook page for Joanne for those who want to follow her/your story, pray for her and encourage her with thoughts, prayers, verses or other words of encouragement. I find facebook SO much more convenient as your updates find their way to me automatically each day- rather than having to deliberately come to this blog to see if there's been any new updates today. Although I've been doing that pretty much daily now for the past 18+ months, it sure would be more convenient for those of us who care to see your updates automatically via facebook. I say- forget the fast and make facebook your primary communication vehicle for Joanne!!


Use FB as God directs, but please don't abandon this blog.


Did you see in the news that Mr. FB(Mark Z)is in Russia promoting FB there, with what incentives I wonder? Access to the already posted information from unsuspecting Fbookers here in the US?


I call it "crackbook" I had to get off it b/c I timed myself on it and was shocked at how long I was on. Once you get off "crack" you can't go back! hahaha


I would have to vote for you to stay off of FB. I work in the addictions world and believe me FB is just another form "more acceptable? addiction. Just to see you write that you have to have parameters... time limits - how many of those currently in recovery from drugs to nicotine have said just those same words. God meant for us to be relational - He is all over that - but social media is NOT relational it is empty and leads to lonliness. As James says "be quick to listen" Hear from God on this one... blessings to you and your family - I enjoy this blog and have been following off and on for a couple of years with prayers and joy!

Happy Lady

Best thing I ever did was to de-activate my account. It was such a waste of time. Most people you are friends with online are just acquaintances and with your real friends it's much nicer to have coffee, a phone call or an e-mail. I don't miss it at all.


Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God..! :) -1 Cor 10:31

Melissa P

Makes you think what did we ever do before Facebook, email, twitter, texting and the Internet in general? We picked up the phone and called people, we mailed letters... These things take MUCH more effort to do and I think people genuinely appreciate it so much more and feel more important in your life I we do things the "old fashioned way".. I'm fasting from fb for 7 days currently an may just go longer it all depends on how The Lord leads me. But I spent way too much aimless time on there and foresaking time with God for fb updates. I'm sure you will make the right choice! Blessings :)

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