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  • On Jan. 11, Joanne suffered a major stroke. She is now at home and continues on the journey to recovery.

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Laura Taylor

I loved this post about your do-over birthday. Although I don't know any of you in-personally, I know you personally from the past year plus of reading the blog. We live not far from each other but the internet couldn't care less. Thank you for sharing your world. God is at work in your life; you are as precious as the rest (can you hear my "pastor's wife" leaking out); your journey in all of this is worth a book, or at least an occassional post. :)


Love it, It is so important for you as a caregiver to give care to yourself, it refreshes you and makes you fresh to care for Joanne, never apologize for talking about yourself, you are important, so glad you had a wonderful day! As a previous caregiver for several years as my dad suffered with alzheimers I realized the importance to refresh myself too.


I applaud you for choosing to take a break. I am mostly a lurker. But just so you know, I for one will miss your posts should you decide to go. You have been a wonderful example to me of a godly man leading his family and loving his wife. I've learned so much from you yet I've never even met you! Enjoy your respite.


Hey Toben

I was so blessed to hear your Happy Birthday story. Your Father loves you! (both of your Father's that is) Thanks for sharing. :)


I just ended a 6 week facebook sabbatical! Here are my musings...

Great post,



Sounds like an awesome day! I am trying to find some good hikes up here for the kids to do :)

Give Joanne a hug for me - glad to see she is feeling better after the flu.


Hauoli la hanau (belatedly) Toben! Sounds like a great time! Don't have any doubts about birthday do-overs; my actual birthday has seemed to be troublesome for years and so I started celebrating around my birthday, some were do-overs themselves, though now friends aren't really sure when my birthday is. BUT, I have a good time with my good friends anyway and that is what counts.

May God bless you in the coming year!


I love the idea of a birthday "do- over!" You know, people always assume our birthdays will be fabulous days and they just aren't. I have had a few "bummer" birthdays. I'm so glad you got to "do it over."

Heidi Carrico

Cool idea... birthday do over!! I have had a few of those birthday bloopers when you expect everythign to go perfect and be spoiled on our special day. Geez, makes the day worse when that happens and I hate that~so I totally get how you felt! thankful 'do over' was a success... you deserve it....for all you do for your family and wife. You are an amazing husband and father! God has a special plan for the Heim family and we know HE is smiling down on you all as you continue each day trusting and leaning on HIM to give you grace and strength to face each day. Hang in are doing great and many are amazed at Joanne's progress and we know she has amazing cheeraleaders... even husbands make amazing cheerleaders. Just be glad you dont have to wear a fancy skirt and carry pom poms around to encourage Joanne along.:) Life is good when everyone is happy and God's plan is fulfilled. We will pray you through the year.:)

Blessings~ Heidi Carrico


I like the idea of a birthday do over. Have to keep that in mind! Oh and the bus's social time! That's why she enjoys it and doesn't want to miss. If something goes wrong with a friendship/situation on the bus, you will know it immediately; she'll refuse to get on!

Happy Belated Birthday from Houston, TX.


Happy happy belated birthday!

My husband would faint with joy if he got that for his birthday. ;-) Maybe I will surprise him...



FIrst of all, Happy Belated Birthday. What a wonderful, wonderful day your Birthday Re-Do sounded! I'm so glad you had a blessed day!

Second of all, I've been reading this blog since just before Joanne's stroke. My week is not complete unless I've checked in on your family and seeing how everyone's week has been, how Joanne is, etc. I cannot tell you how nice it was to read today's post about YOU! How you've had a great day! You are a huge part of Joannes journey and I'm sure I speak for many others who are blog followers that we like to hear how Toben is doing as well! So I personally would love to see more Toben updates - alongside how Joanne is and the girls!!!

You're all in my continued thoughts and prayers....

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