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Still praying, Toben! Thanks so much for keeping her bloggy friends posted!

Betsy from Knoxville, TN

Shannon Primicerio

Still praying over here in California. I would love to send Audrey some sort of encouragement package. If you think she would like that please just let me know where to send it. I'm an author and speaker to teen girls--and 12 isn't too far off from that. I would love to encourage her in any way I can. But in the meantime, I will just pray for her--and for ALL of you. Praying over your specific requests now.

Sharon Sands

Thank you so much for taking the time to update us on your sweet wife, in the midst of all the other things you are carrying! I especially have had your Audrey on my heart this morning...Will be praying for her day, bless her little heart! Praying for all of you that God's great grace would just invade this time in ways that only He can do!


We're stilling calling out Joanne everyday here in Los Angeles... God is Able!

west coast nester

Thank you for the update and the detailed prayer requests. I can not keep you and your family out of my thoughts. Praying for each and every one of you. He is an awsome God!

Gail @ Pandemonium in the Parsonage

I really appreciate you taking the time to articulate very specific requests. I know your family doesn't know me, but God has joined us all as brothers and sisters, and I am so honored to join together with you in prayer for your wife.

melissa irwin

I have never commented but have been following like a hawk. Joanne is in my prayers - but specifically just wanted to comment for your daughters. I am praying for them both, as well as you, Toben.


Praying God will restore her "deficit" and give her a "surplus."


Standing firmly on the belief that all your prayers will be answered.
Asking God to cover sweet Audrey with His peace, grace, and to remove all anxiety.
Praying a blessing over John - may God bless him ten fold for the love and kindness he has shown Joanne.
Just know that we are never ceasing or growing weary in prayer here in GA -


As a mom to an 11-yr-old girl, we're especially praying for Audrey. My daughter, Josie, understands the work involved with being that age, and how hard it is for her to stay on the path God has set for her. We're obviously praying for you and Joanne, but Josie is praying especially for Audrey!


Got it! Praying especially for Audrey this afternoon.


Mrs. Claus

Praying and believing with you in God's amazing power and timing.

Specifically for you and your daughters to be blessed with enough. Enough food to have energy and enough sleep to be alert to what is coming. Lord bless all the care takers and keep Your hand of protection on this situation. Forgive us where we fail You, in Jesus name, Amen!

Julie Hoagland

Thank you for the update. Praying prayers for all of your requests.

Julie Hoagland - Seattle, WA

Helen at A Work of Heart

There is nothing better than to be able to pray specifically. Thanks for arming us for the battle of today and the days to come.

Bless you Toben!

Kristy Beckendorf

Thank you for the update - I am so excited for her to wake up, even I can hardly stand it!! I will be praying (as I do all day for her) - that you would be able to witness her waking up and that Audrey would be comforted, eat and sleep well, and enjoy school. Can't wait to hear (read) when she first opens her eyes!!


Hi Toben, Joanne,You and the girls get all my prayers right now.
I pray that the Lord will shower down miracles and blessings on your beautiful family!


Joanne and your family have been in my prayers constantly since I saw your story posted on Beth Moore's blog. My sweet mama had a massive stroke 26 years ago when she was 31. I was eight and my brother was four. Your girls are so on my heart for what I know they are dealing with. I know you have so many things on your mind now and so many people to talk with, but please feel free to email if there is anything we can help with. I know my dad, who has been so very faithful to my mom all these years, would also offer any help he could!
Most of all, we are all praying!

yanna westmoreland

Oh how I am praying. On my knees with tears streaming down my face. I am thanking God for the day He says "open your eyes and see your beloved Joanne". You will be there Toben I just know it. I also have the most overwhelming feeling that Joanne will see a new Toben a man who loves the Lord with all of His heart, soul, and mind and has a faith that will not ever be taken from him, a dad who will have wisdom beyond understanding to be there for the women of God he is raising; women who are like their mom and will love the Lord as she does, Toben the warrior who will never allow anything to ever come between him and God's plan for his life and the lives of others. God is good to give this generation you Toben. Tell John thank you from a "Siesta" for his gentle hands, his loving heart, his call to serve others in his profession. May John be as blessed as he blesses others.

yanna westmoreland

Toben, I also just keep having the thought of the prayer warrior location map to distract Audrey. Something to get her excited in the midst of all of the thoughts that are rocking her world. Something she could share that is postive "guess what my mom has a prayer warrior in Haiti!" I smile just thinking about people all over the world praying the same prayer requests. Just a thought I keep having every time I log on here. Obviously still praying from Bryan, Texas.


I join with the others in appreciation for your updates as well as specific prayer requests. Bless God for His faithfulness as He carries all of you through this time of heartache, hope, and trust. Mighty God, we cry out to you for a miracle for this family. You are our Father-our strength and hope in our time of need. Grant the requests given by this loving husband, in the precious name of Jesus, we pray. Amen

Jennifer Barton

Have been following your journey from the beginning, and praying for your family often! I look forward with anticipation to the news of Joanne waking up, and praying you will be the one in the room smiling at her!


I have included your family in my prayers.
I have followed your tough journey since I read about Joanne's stroke. Coughing and swallowing are two important signs. Wishing you all the best for today.


I recently found your wife's blog and having been praying for your family ever since and will continue to pray.
Much love


Toben -

Regarding prayer request #2...
Not selfish...beautifully compassionate.

I can only imagine your presence would bring comfort and peace as your beloved wakes after such a long sleep.

Praying fervently for Joanne, all of her family and each of their specific needs.


Being an ICU nurse myself I can relate to your very special nurse. It sounds like God has placed a very special man in the position to care for your sweet girl. I will continue to pray for an infection free course and that you will be the one she see's first when her eyes open. Don't feel guilty about your hearts desire for her first awareness to be of you.
I am most especially heart torn for your dear Audrey. Right now all any of us in cyber world can do is pray and I promise you, we are!!
God is faithful ALL of the time. Praying and believing for total healing for all of you.

Sharon Brumfield

How sweet to hear the excitement in your voice....anticipation for what is to is beautiful. I will continue to keep your sweet girls in my prayers...I know a change in surroundings and missing their Mommy is not easy.
I know our sweet Savior is there watching over everything concerning the one He loves so dearly....and He has sent your special nurse to show just how dearly He cares.
I thank God that He says He gives us the desires of our hearts....and I pray that you are right there when Joanne opens those eyes.
I will continue to pray here in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.

Amanda J.

Praying, brother!


Continuing in prayer for each in your family. Thank you so much for taking the time to post on the blog and for the detailed prayer requests. You are not selfish for wanting to be there when she first open her eyes. God made you both, one.


I just read your post snd when I got to the part about the ekg had signs and that she coughed I just started crying because Our God is good and I said You Go Lord. I will be praying for Audrey that she would have peace and sleep well and eat, Also I will be praying for you dear friend that you will be there when she open her eyes and continue to pray for our sweet sister for a healing in her body and no infections.
Praying in Albuquerque NM
just read on twitter about all the hits this blog has had just in the past week Go Jesus Go


thank you, Toben!
is there anything specific that your girls could receive in the mail that might cheer them for a little while??? my kids are small so i don't know what older girls like...


I haven't written before, but wanted you to know that I have been praying for Joanne, you, and the girls since the morning of her stroke. I heard about Joanne on facebook from my friend, Rachel. I am being completely honest when I tell you that Joanne is never far from my thoughts and prayers throughout the day. Thank you for the specific prayer requests. Now I know what to pray!
Lara (in Long Beach, CA)


Still praying for sweet Joanne and all of your needs and intentions... I think of you all so often throughout the day and night. Thank you for sharing updates, Toben.

Provincial Homemaker

STill praying. Thanks for taking the time out to keep us posted. Hope all goes well with the wake-up.

Susie Tiemeyer

Maybe a strict school routine is not the best thing for Audrey right now. She's probably having a hard time concentrating, especially when most other 12-13 year old girls are giggling, being silly, talking about boys and lip gloss.

While praying for Joanne, I'll be asking the Lord for Audrey also.


Toben, I have already been praying that you would be there when she awakes and I will continue to pray for Audrey, for hope during this time and for her Heavenly Father to minister to her as only He can. Your doing an awesome job, praying for strength for you too and of course your beautiful strong wife. Continuing to pray and fast in NC

Lee Ann Lee

Thank you so much for giving us specific things to pray over your family. Trusting the Holy Spirit to intercede on your behalf with groanings we cannot understand.


He sent forth his word and healed him; he rescued them from the grave Psalm 107 :20

In Jesus Name we call forth Joanne and command her body to respond the the word of the LORD ! Rise up and Be HEALED !!!!!!!!!



You don't know me, but I am a homeschooling mom down in Colorado Springs, and have been following your situation from the beginning. I would love to help out anyway I can..if it is helping Audrey out with school, or anything, please let me know! My heart breaks for your family, but your strength in God is amazing! We pray for your family daily!

Please know that I am serious in helping in anyway I can! You have been a blessing to me in your updates...Thank you!

Theresa Roach

I am praying that when she opens her pretty eyes that you will be sitting right there with her! I pray that your daughters will adjust and feel peace with their new school! Hugs and continued prayers, Theresa


Praying and Believing that you will be there when she awakens - Praying for your sweet girls - when my mother awoke from her coma the first thing she did was SMILE - I pray that Joanne graces you with her wonderful smile - God Bless you all - Praying in Tennessee


I heard about your wife this morning on Family Talk. You and your family are truly blessed with an amazing "work" family. I am praying for Joanne and all of you during this very difficulty time. I pray for her recovery and that the deficits will be minimal. May God bless and keep you all in his wonderful, loving care!


I just heard about your family on another blog and hurried over to yours to find out more. I am praying for you all.

This scripture always brings me peace,
Isaiah 41:13
For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.

Much love and prayers!


Continuing to pray for your family! I heard this song this morning and immediately thought of your family!
"Healer" by Hillsong


Isaiah 53
4 Surely he took up our pain
and bore our suffering,
yet we considered him punished by God,
stricken by him, and afflicted.
5 But he was pierced for our transgressions,
he was crushed for our iniquities;
the punishment that brought us ("Peace" - Shalom - Completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fulness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord)
was on him,
and by his wounds we are healed.

1 Peter:
24 “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.” 25 For “you were like sheep going astray,”[f] but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.

Papa Thank You That you purchased our Peace (Shalom) through the Punishment of your Son.

"Peace" - Shalom - Completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fulness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord

I speak your Shalom over Joanne in Jesus name, I thank you for your presence in her room. I declare your Kingdom come in her room and envelop her. Thank you for your ministering angels that you send to minister to your children, Papa your will be done in Joanne's room as it is in Heaven.

I declare breakthrough In Jesus Name, Thank You for your Healing Balm of Gilead Papa

Lisa in KS

It is a privilege to bring requests before the throne of grace on behalf your family.

Susan in COS

What a Mighty God we serve, What a Mighty God we serve, Angels bow before Him, Heaven & Earth adore Him, what a Mighty God we serve!

What a praise, Toeben! A cough & seeing "blips" on her brain activity! Who would think, but such simple events are encouragement! Praying a day at a time!!


Thank you for keeping us updated. That is a lot of time and energy that you are giving to us and I appreciate it. I'm still praying for all your family, and I will conntinue.


Will be praying for these things. God bless.
Pam in Arkansas

Mary Lou

Prayed as you asked...stopped and prayed after I read each request...still praying here in Germantown, TN....

Laura P

Toben, thank you so much for taking the time each day to update here. Knowing specifically what to pray for your family unites us all in prayer. Praying for Joanne to wake up with you right there next to her and for God to hold you and your family in His hands so you can keep going each day. God bless you all.


I am so glad you have such a great nurse. They are what keep us sane in hospitals. I hope your girls do well in school and adjusting to, well, everything. They have so many things to think about and new things to absorb.

And Toben, I don't think your second request was selfish at all. I know my own husband would want the same thing. I'll pray for all your requests.

Most of all, I pray that your family will be blessed with just one moment where you all feel at peace and you'll even be moved to smile.

Ashley Honea

Praying, Toben, for those three requests specifically. Saying your name, Joanne's Audrey's and Emma's directly before Lord.

Marla Taviano

Thanking God for John! And for hints of waking up. Praying for sweet Audrey. And that you'll be there when Jo wakes up. We love you! We're praying!!


Still praying in Tupelo, MS for Joanne, Audrey and the rest of the family. I pray that God wraps His arms around all of ya'll and protects and comforts you. Thank you for the updates!

John McCollum

I've been praying for you guys since I read about you and Joanne on Marla's blog, but I never felt compelled to leave a comment until I read about Audrey. I have a 12 year old and a 13 year old, and I can only image what Audrey is going through.

May God bless you all richly, especially Audrey in this already-challenging stage of life.

Peace to you.

Dee McCollum

I heard about Joanne through Marla in Columbus Ohio, I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I am praying often for her and your family. May God wrap His loving arms around you in a special way...Dee

Lenore Buth

Toben, that's not a selfish prayer. When Joanne opens her eyes what she will most want--and need--will be to see the love in your eyes and in your smile. That will tell her what matters most is okay.

While you wait may you feel the love of Christ enfolding you and also your daughter.

Here's a verse to hang your heart on:

Jeremiah 32:27
“I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?

Thank God for the encouraging signs and I pray for all of you.

Deena @ My Bookshelf

Have been and will continue praying and have an entire church family in No. California praying as well.

Father God, thank You for all You have done and are doing and are going to do for the Heim family. Thank You for John and his tender care...bless him and show Yourself to him, Lord. Father, in Your divine mercy, allow Toben to be the first to see Joanne's beautiful eyes open, and let her know him immediately.

I ask for You to touch Audrey with Your tenderness and Your comfort. Encourage her heart by sending loving friends and teachers her way each moment of the day. Build up her appetite and give her sweet and dreamless sleep each day. Provide for her each and every need...and for the entire family.
Thank You for sustaining them this far, and for continuing to sustain them. Thank You for providing for them this far, and for continuing to provide for them.
Again, God, we ask for a miraculous and complete healing for our sister Joanne. And we submit to Your all-knowing will.
In Jesus' powerful and mighty name,


Dear Toben, I found out about your story through facebook and I've been thinking about Joanne all day and praying for you both. Thank you for sharing the struggles and blessings through this season in your life. I can honestly say that this experience has challenged me to grow closer to God and I want to thank you for that. Your unwavering devotion to the Lord through this valley has been such an encouragement to me. Praying for a miracle for sweet Joanne.


I'm a "stranger", although since Joanne's stroke, have posted and prayed. Her last tweet has played over and over in my mind, such a clear image. I feel like we, the folks praying, are keeping her homefire burning until she returns home.

One way or the other, Joanne will return home. Until then, let our prayers be fuel for her fire.


Praying for you and your daughters. Not a selfish prayer at all that you get to be there when Joanne opens her eyes. Tears started flowing as I read that. The love you have shown for your wife and the strength you have had during this impossible time has been a really beautiful thing to see.


Praying for her and you all! Thank you for your updates.


I want to cry for Audrey. What a hard to place to be in as a 12 year old girl. She has every right to struggle, but I am praying that she will know the peace that only Jesus brings during this confusing time. Bless her heart. Praying for y'all.


Praising God for John, Joanne's nurse. Thank you for sharing your prayer requests, Toben. I will continue to pray!

Sara G

Thank you Toben for the updates and your beautiful writings. We are still praying and I too am glad for specifics so we may speak your needs. It is not wrong to want to be there when she first opens her eyes. During moments in the hospital when I had my stroke I would go in and out of "sleep". I don't remember the first days but when I actually woke up I was thankful that my husband was there. Prayers will constantly continue! Nurses can be a wonderful gift from God. I am happy to hear that you have one with you to take care of your girl.


Continued prayers! I am so hoping that you will get to be the one present when Joanne opens her eyes for the first time. Praying God will give you the desires of your heart. I am praying against any infection for Joanne as well. Lifting up your precious Audrey to the Lord. May she find peace in His loving arms, may she sleep well and eat well and may the Lord walk closely with her through this.


Thank you for keeping us all updated. I have been praying for you, your wife and girls since the day this happened and will continue to do so. I never followed her blog - my mom sent me a link the day of the stroke and I can't seem to stay away from hers or your writings since then. You guys have been such an encouragement to me and I thank you for that. Thank you for living our your faith for us all to see. You all are on my heart and mind continuously and I will lift you up in prayer at every thought.

Paige - Alabama :)


I have no doubt you will see her beautiful brown eyes for the first time yourself. I have also had Audrey on my mind a lot lately and praying for her just as much as Joanne coming back. Thank you so much for these updates Toben. I can't tell you the people who send me text messages wondering if there is an update! Your whole family is loved and we continue to crowd the cross for all of you!


First of all, let me say a huge thank you for keeping Joanne's bloggy followers in the know. Every day for nearly the past five years I have read Joanne's blog. It is a comfort to me that through your efforts I can continue to go to her blog daily.

Secondly, here in southeast Michigan we continue to faithfully pray and will say extra prayers for Audrey tomorrow at my MOPS group. As a mom who home schools two of her kids and has two in the school system I can appreciate the transition and the difficutly in making this transition Audrey is experiencing. It is a hard enough transition under normal circumstances, I can't imagine how hard it is with everything else that is going on in sweet Audrey's mind. I am so glad to know that Emma is enjoying school.

Finally, it has been my prayer that you would be there when Joanne opens her eyes and it is not the least bit selfish. I think it is beautiful!

Again thank you for filling us in so we can share in the excitement and hopefullness that you are experiencing. I am anticipating God doing something BIG and Radical in the very near future.

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Toben, I have been following Joanne's story. Thank you for keeping us updated. My heart aches for you and your family. I often feel prompted to pray for all of you and do so. What a blessing you are to your family! Your love for your wife is so amazing! I pray she feels that every step of the way... not to mention the love of her Lord and Savior!!!

Just know you are all being lifted up in prayer!! NOTHING is impossible for God! We are believing for miracles!!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy aka Heather

Ginny Otsuka

You ALL are in my prayers!!!

Heather C

Praying... and praying... and praying.


so i have been reading your blog for the last few days, and praying everytime i think of joanne and your family. today i was listening to the radio, family talk i think and they were totally talking about your family. it was very touching to hear people that know you to speak of you and be so emotional about your family. i will continue to pray, miracles are possible. may the peace of the Lord be with you,


I am continuing to pray you for you. May you, Joanne, and the girls feel the Lord's arms around you and the strength that he alone can provide.


Oh Toben, I have butterflies at the anticipation of what God is about to do here!! I can not wait for the update from you saying that Joanne is awake - oh what a joyous day that is going to be! I am still praying that the Lord performs an Acts 12:3-11 Miracle and that my sweet sister Joanne wakes up & is 100% normal. As if nothing happened. In our human-ness, we can't even imagine that being a possibility, but with God; ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! I am asking, believing and holding out for God to perform a miracle like that! In Habakkak 1:5 - He says to 'Watch and be utterly amazed, for HE is going to do something...that we would not believe, even if we were told.' I'm Watching!!

Much Love & Prayer from Texas,
(aka: Groovewoman)


I have been in constant prayer for your family. Thank you for sharing your heart and for being so vulnerable. I actually just read your blog post on your blog 'Our Crazy Marriage' about when you moved back to Colorado. I was amazed as I was reading it to see how God clearly directed you to move back to Colorado and be surrounded by friends and more importantly FAMILY! He knew then, that this would be part of your journey, and He was providing for you and preparing for you even then. He knew you would need your family during this time. He is holding you in the palm of His hand! This is such a hard road, but He is here walking with you!


I'm thankful, as I read thru some previous commenter's that you have a multitude of intercessors who have pulled together to 'hold up your arms' during this battle.
God bless!
Brenda in Colorado


Here I am again...the one who has shared a coma experience, like Joanne. I really DO know that she can be talking to Jesus.

The likelihood of him returning her to you is amazing. Then, I won't have any inside knowledge to share...other than that of a Christian mother of teens who went through this.

I pray that someday I can meet her! In the meantime, praying everytime she runs through my mind, which is often. She's been put on my heart for some reason as have you and your girls.

Hold on tight! She's going to be coming around and surprise you and all of us! I woke up wondering what all the fuss was about(after 17 days!). I do pray that you
are at her bedside when she opens her eyes!

Elaine from Koinonians at V7PC

Dear Toben,

I am praying many times a day for Joanne! Thank you for being so faithful to write each day so that we can know how to pray! I especially pray for Audrey as this is a tough age for a girl under any circumstances!

At times of great crisis in my life, I find myself going to the Garden of Gethsemane to Jesus' prayers in the garden and to Isaiah 43. God speaks to me there every time! Maybe these will comfort you too.

I especially like that Joanne and Jesus are in communion in some way! Can't wait for her to tell you about it!



OH! and Hollie,

Amen Sister!!!!!! Let's all STAND IN AGREEMENT that HE will show us that miracle!


Hi! I will be praying for your family...especially Audrey. I can relate (somewhat) to what she's going through. I grew up with a mom that was in and out of the hospital batteling cancer. My siblings and I were homeschooled, and when my mom became too sick to "teach" anymore, we went back to school. I'll pray for peace and encouragement for Audrey (and your other daughter)!


Still praying for you all.

Thank you so very much for keeping everyone informed as to Joanne's progress. I think it is so selfless of you to do this during this extremely personal time for your family.

God bless.

Julie Reynolds

Oh thank you Father for the miracles that you are doing in Joannes health and for the way that your are protecting Audrey & Emma through all of this. Father we ask for peace in Audrey & Emma's mind and body and restful sleep so that they both can cope with all the demands of adolescents as well as the emotions of having a mother who is in this battle. Thanks you Father for allowing us to share in this miracle through prayer and Toben's updates. Bless him for these extra efforts Father as this has to be hard to put into words. Lord, Toben would like to be present when Joanne opens her eyes for the first time - we know that this is within your power so LORD if this is your will please allow him this indulgence. As a wife I know that my husband's face would be the first one I would want to see. We love you Lord and we are so thankful for your grace and your mercy to Toben and the whole family throughout this ordeal. In Jesus Name, Amen

Sandy @ Jesus and Dark Choc

Oh Toben, I will pray for your daughter....I have written several times on this blog about my hubs who has Alzheimer's at 46....and we have a 13 year old daughter. And she struggles also......having a dad with such a horrid disease mixed with being 13.....I totally get HOW to pray for your girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me on this one, I got her covered!!
God Bless all of you!


Lambeth family in Wallburg, NC diligently praying for Joanne and you all!!!!


I've been following Joanne's blog for a few months and have been encouraged in many ways by her honest, candid following of God, and in the practical, real ways she's incorporated that in her life. I'm a young Christian woman who has very few older women to look up, so she's been able to fill that niche a bit. This is my first time posting a comment, but I thought it might be even a little encouraging that you are being prayed for from Northern California. Praying for your family, and thank you for your updates.

Andrea S.

Heavenly Father,
I come to you this evening with nothing but praise. Lord I thank you for the guardian you have given Joanne in nurse John, thank you for the blessing he has been to Joanne, but to Toben and the family too!
Father- my heart aches for sweet Audrey. Be with her as she struggles through her emotions. Help her to remember that you are her strong and mighty tower, ever present in her time of need. Lord she needs you. Help her to verbalize her feelings and help her to get through the days with the simple tasks of eating and sleeping.
Lord, bless Toben with the opportunity to be there with his beloved Bride when she awakes. Lord, I pray for your miracle of complete and total healing for Joanne. We know that the road to complete restoration will be long, but bless her with very little deficit.

In Jesus Name. Amen.


I am keeping all of you in my prayers throughout the day and praying God's perfect will over each and every one of you.

Steph Brasser

Sending my prayers tonight - I've never commented but have been following along. I'm a nurse in a Neuro ICU in Wisconsin and work with patients like Joanne every day. She is blessed with a wonderful support system, and that will be vital in her healing! Hang in there - I will be praying!!


prayers from Kansas City!


Still praying over here in Ireland! Sending love to you all.

Suzanne G

We have been praying for Joanne and the entire family! I just discovered the blog the day before her stroke, and I felt a connection to Joanne immediately through her posts:) Our family will be covering you in prayer. May The Lord wrap you with peace in knowing He is with you and loves you.
Suzanne in Ohio


We are continuing to pray for your sweet wife, and your specific requests. I can only imagine what your daughter is going through, so tonight along with your other requests, we will pray for Audrey.

Recovering Lutheran

Still praying.


I heard about your wife through LPM Blog. I wanted to let you know I have been praying for her ever since. I am praying for a complete healing of her body and mind. Praying for you and your daughters and the rest of your extended family. God's Blessings, comfort and love to you all.
praying in Nebraska

Stephanie Riley

I just spent the last 24 hours with my 11 year old son who to our vast surprise was sent to the hospital due to low oxygen levels when we took him to the doctor to check for "walking pneumonia". His case was so easy to solve and he recovered very fast, but the whole experience brought Joanne to mind over and over - the IV's, the helplessness, the dependency on excellent hospital staff. You all continue to be in our prayers - and I thank you for the specific requests to help give us more direction.

Mary Lynn

Prayers for all of you!
Mary lynn - Twinsburg, Ohio

Big Fat Mama

Poor Audrey. I will lift her up in my prayers, as well as Joanne, you, and Emma.

Kim Feth

Praying that when Joanne wakes up that she does it in God's time in God's way and shows the amazing power, grace, and mercy of God - by having no deficits! The kind of recovery that makes us medical folks say, "Wow, that could have ONLY been God!"
Kim Feth
Apex NC


Praying Toben!

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