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Praise the Lord! 'Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to Your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.' Hope you have an amazing monday! We will continue to pray for her strength and healing, that you remain strong and your sweet girls grow more and more at home in their school.

Jayne Hartman

God has placed you and your family on my heart so much. I am amazed at how much you are on my mind, and in my prayers through many tears God is teaching me through what you are all going through. Thank you for keeping the world posted with these blog posts. I look forward with you in the weeks to follow. Praying with you and for you. Have a good day.

Berl kaufman

I read an article once about a computer program that can enable incapacitated people commicate with the world. Perhaps it is premature to consider this, since the trach tube may come out soon. But thought I would mention it.
God bless


Yes, in good time... I am so happy that Joanne is doing so much better. I can just picture her room - with the window overlooking the falling snow. While she comes back, bit by bit - wonderfully. With every post update, I feel such relief and gladness, for a "blogging friend" who feels so dear...

Ruthy :o)

How WONDERFUL that God is answering Prayers, a step at a time.


This is an amazing presentation by Jill Bolte after her personal recovery from a massive stroke. She is amazing and inspiring....and VERY energetic/enthusiastic!

Still praying.


Praying for Emma, and for your family. God is not suprised by any of this, and will be there every step of the way.

Barb Motyka

Just watching this from the outside of your family has been an experience, I can't begin to think of how it has been for you who are living it. I am sure it has been difficult to share with us the ups and downs, including your feelings and those of Joanne's family, plus taking precious moments of your day and giving them to us to keep up posted. I-and I know so many others-are so grateful to you for doing it. It has been a honor and a privilege to pray for your girl, a woman many of us have liked and loved and yet not met. Just to know of her is to love her! I will continue to pray for her complete recovery, and for strength and wisdom for all of you.
Barb from CNY

Elizabeth Rhodes

Following from Alabama - I'm 59 with 4 young adult daughters and 5 grandchildren, with one on the way - my heart continues to try to grasp all that you and your family have been through. What you write touches me so very much and I almost moan aloud in my house in the silence. I have so prayed for Joanne's recovery, to the point of pleading and begging. I have kept my husband in touch with your situation and he'll ask me "if I know anything" and I'll pass what you've written to him. I'm not a twitter person, but joined just so I could read your more frequent updates. Thank you for what you write. I'm in awe of the trial He's given you to walk through.

Michal Ann

Thank you for your thorough and sensitive reports. I'm blessed to be another "stranger" praying for you.

Sheryl Dean

It's so wonderful when we can see God at work. Just know that I, along with so many, are praying for Joanne and you.

Joanne is definitely a miracle of God in so many ways.

We love you,


Jan Maniatis

God is at work in a very visible way. He's always at work but sometimes it is veiled from us - today it is out there for all to see in Joanne's progress. Toben, what a precious mate you have been for your "jo" and those girls, what amazing stuff they are made of. Kristen and all of her thoughtful decorating and things to bring joy to Joanne's eyes - how wonderful. You are in my prayers continually. Bob and I speak of Joanne's progress each evening and give God the glory. I weep often when I read your the blog, the tweets, Kristen's blog...again, God is at work! Praise Him


It sounds so positive, Toben. Joanne is where she needs to be to recover. It is a long slow process. Twenty days ago, we were all praying for Joanne to survive! Now, praise God, she is not only with us, but waking!
Joanne has been touched by God!
She is a miracle!
Blessings and love to you all!

Child of God

This is reall good news!! I am praying that Joanne makes leaps and bounds over the next little bit.

Continuing to cover you all in the blood of Christ.


Praying all the way over here in Newfoundland Canada

Kary Ross

I too echo Jan Maniatis's comments. Thank you for sharing with us and letting us into your's and Joanne's world. Praying for complete healing for Joanne. Blessings!


So grateful for Joanne's wonderful milestones, the I LOVE you sign has got to just make your heart leap for joy!


I have been praying for Joanne since I heard the news on the 11th.

I don't know her, but we've been through a similar experience. My brother was in a coma for 3 months in 1980. The docs told us he would never come out of it, but if he did, he'd never be able to respond in any way. So, to hear of all that Joanne is doing just thrills my heart and gives me so much hope! I hope it does the same for you.

Randy is 55 years old now and if you met him today, you'd never guess what he had been through. He's regained all they thought he'd lost.

So, of course, that is our prayer for Joanne, too.

Randy is not a believer and didn't have anyone praying for him, that we know of,(some of us in the family have yielded our lives to Christ since then), but Joanne is a believer and she has a ton of people praying for her, and you, and we know He is answering our prayers every day!

Thanks for sharing what you do because it helps us to know how to pray for all of you. I am looking forward to hearing of her full recovery and giving all the praise and glory to God both now and in the future!


Amazing God we serve. I am so happy to hear this. Having lost a mother at a young age to brain cancer, I know how fragile the brain is. BUT I know how big our God is and it is evident that he has done and is still doing a miracle in Joanne. What an amazing testimony your family has shared with the world...praying that everyone who has prayed for her will never forget the miracle that God has performed in your lives. My oldest sister had her son at 26 weeks and there were so many things that the drs said "would" happen...however, he is completely and perfectly well today. When I was in 9th grade one of my best friends fell out of the back of a truck and cracked his skull almost completely around. He was said to not live and if he did, would be a vegetable. However, after awaking out of a 2 month coma he was anything but a vegetable. He had to learn to walk, eat, etc. all over again but still ended up graduating with our senior class at San Antonio Christian School. Today, he is perfectly well...has some short term memory loss, some reading difficulty, but noone would ever know he ever had a brain injury. The mind is an amazing thing! Praying always for your family!

Gabby Pop

Everyday I cannot wait to wake up and read what God is doing in Joanne's recovery process. We serve a Big, Great, Awesome, Powerful God. I am praying for her that with each day that passes she will re-gain some of her strength and abilities. Toben, I pray for you, your daughters and your family that God will allow you to see new glimpses of hope every day. I pray that the really hard days have past and much better ones come for your precious family! Sending you prayers from Buford, GA

Leah C

Every morning, as I go through my "blog roll", I check this one to get your updates about Joanne. I find myself holding my breath...hoping each day brings more good news. It does my heart good to hear of the progress Joanne makes, as I'm sure it does yours! Prayers & praise:)

yanna westmoreland

Father, we're asking for Complete Healing for Joanne. I ask today Lord that You move Your hand and speed up the removal of the trach so Joanne can verbally join us in praise to You. In Jesus Name I pray and praise in Bryan, Tx


Yey! May God continue to heal Joanne and grant you His peace as you wait upon Him! It is so hard to wait...


Praising God for Joanne's progress and the fact that Audrey and Emma are adapting so well to school. I ask God throughout the day every day for a miracle for Joanne and continue to lift you and all the family in prayer. Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated.

Jerri G...Catersavvy on Twitter

Wow! Reading the repost of her blog I thought, 'this gal will be itching to get back in shape!'

Praise God that she has been given the gift of love and time. Time to heal and work on getting better with all the love in the world around her.

Most of us are praying daily, if not hourly, as your posts have us caught up in a family that has become an extention of our own. We wish you all the best and PRAY!

My personal experience tells me that Joanne will share her own story of her time with The Lord...while we think she is sleeping or not thinking...she is communing with him!
I know the next 20 days can be even more astounding than the last.

Praising God for all of it!

Custom Buttons

Once a computer program that would incapable commicate people with the world. Perhaps it is premature to consider when the tracheostomy tube can come out soon. But thought I'd mention it.


Rejoicing with you in the milestones and continuing to remember each of you in prayer.


I started reading/following your blog since Joanne's stroke, as one of the other blogs I read linked to it. I'm a speech therapist in Atlanta and I specialize in stroke patients, so I just wanted to comment that there IS a way to talk with a trach. You can put a Passy-Muir valve, which looks like a cap, right on the trach, which will allow her to speak. You may already know about this, but I wanted you to know that it is possible to talk with a trach!

Also, I noticed someone linked above to Jill Bolte Taylor. She also had a right brain CVA and and give you great insight into that experience from the patient's perspective.

Praying for y'all in Atlanta!

Kim Feth

Toben, We are continuing to pray for a miraculous healing that can only come from the same God that put spots on the bags of ladybugs and blow holes on the tops of whales.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


many prayers. Best wishes to your family. Lived through the same kind of hell. family strength is what you will always cherish. Sending prayers and strength for you and your family


As usual we checked in to see how Joanne was doing and if there was anything more than what was shared on Twitter. I am not sure exactly why this touched our family so profoundly but it has. (Perhaps it is long-term recovery of my daughter's brain infection and 1 1/2 year of bed rest.) But in any case, suffice it to say that Joanne and your family are always in our prayers. Today, my youngest, 11, who is so concerned for Emma asked if she has seen a picture of her mama with her so cleaned up and beautiful. I told I didn't know. We talked about if that would help Emma have peace about seeing her. You have become such a part of our family. Just wanted you to know that we are still praying and thinking and our love goes out to you all!


OK, this will be my last "helpful" intrusion into your journey. I am an information junkie, and I am fascinated by the brain's ability to heal, thank you to our creator. Yes, God performs miracles, but the jews actually had their time in the desert and had to make the tiring,long journey before reaching the land of milk and honey. The land of milk and honey awaits Joanne and I am believing she will reach the promised land of life at home with you and the girls, with all the love and support surrounding her, hard work, prayer, and promises of God.

Mary Lynn

Continuing to pray for all of ya'll in Ohio.Special prayer for Emma to have the peace and confidence to see her mom soon.


Praising the Lord for answered prayers concerning Joanne! She making her way back and for this I am so happy!

Andrea S.

Oh sweet Toben-
What lessons all of us on this side of the screen are learning from you! How to praise God even amidst the storms life throws us. I thought of the two of you often this weekend, my husband was the best man in a wedding of some of our close friends and I thought how honestly you are living out your vows as a husband to sweet beautiful that looks in none of us ever truly knows what in sickness and in health will look like in our lifetimes. The couple was in their 40s and both have lived tough lives up to this point, but they talked a lot about these second chances and growing old together...and at this season in my own marriage I needed to be reminded of that, but I also thought of your love and dedication to your wife and how you will get a second chance and the blessing of growing old together too.
Praying for you and Joanne and the kiddos daily...if not hourly. Praising God for the little miracles he is blessing you with. I love the story of the love you too, love you three, love you four that Kristen had posted on her sweet for all of you but especially Audrey. I am so thankful today for all of the little and big answered prayers along this journey for you. I am so thankful for the lessons you and your family are learning amidst this storm. I know that God never asks us to walk through a valley without giving us huge blessing for our obedience on the other side. Cling to that hope of great blessing Toben!

Loving on all of you today!

In Him,
Andrea S.


I've checked in on your blog several times since reading about you at Beth Moore's blog. I'm praying for all of you, especially Joanne.

I'm a speech therapist and have worked with patients just like Joanne. I've seen amazing recovery in patients who were given no hope. It may sound kind of odd, but for me and many other therapists I'm sure, it would be thrilling to work with Joanne because her potential is so great, and because she has wonderful family support, and because she is a fighter (at least it sounds like she is). Her motivation will serve her well in helping her push through her quitting points during therapy.

Thank you for all of the updates.


I just had to check in and let you know I am continuing to pray! I was just reading from Proverbs 31 and was reminded of the Proverbs 31 husband!
Proverbs 31:11
" Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value."
That is you Toben!
And for Joanne! Proverbs 31:17
"She sets about her work vigorously;
Her arms are strong for her tasks."
Then in 25
"She is clothed with strength and dignity;
She can laugh at the days to come."
Praying for that day that you will hear her laugh again!!
Thanking God for all He is doing and all the miracles He has already done!!
Thank You Lord!!

Lana D

Still praying in Sugar Land, TX
She's in there...and smiling. YAY!

Patti in Craig

I don't turn my computer off til I do my final check in with you. I continue to pray daily, several times ( I have Joanne's picture on my dashboard) I marvel at how God is using this ordeal thru out the body of Christ. You are ministering to us, Joanne has touched lives in a way that I can't even explain. Goodnight and God Bless.


I just want you to know that Joanne is rooted in her faith and God has promised to be with her. He loves the weak, it is His passion to be needed. And the weak need Him. Her body is weak. Her mind is starting to show signs of life. Her faith is solid. All good. All good. For Christ to appear and work a new creation in her.

I just feel so led to speak that you are called right now to abide in Him. The best picture I can give you of that is a look into the miracle of pregnancy and birth. A mother carries a baby in her womb...and the baby just grows. Every day progress is made. The mother just continues eating, sleeping, living...and the baby develops in the darkness...until the time is perfect for survival.

Abiding waits for that new life to come forth at the perfect time. Too soon and you risk losing the baby. Past due and more complications can come forth.

Abide. Let God create new life in Joanne. Trust Him that He is the Pro at this process. Celebrate the little things and allow Him the room to create His masterpiece.

I know you will be faithful in your love to her. Take care of yourself and those two beautiful daughters while this process unfolds by His Hands. In His timing. For His Glory.

Thank God we can say that nothing is impossible for Him! And today is the place of abiding. Don't try to jump ahead. Just live in this moment where heart is beating. I pray you will hear God's heartbeat as He lives and breathes. He's alive. He's with you. He's mighty to save.


This is so good to read! I am so happy for y'all and for Joanne's continual recovery. I just want y'all to know I am still praying. I will continue to pray. To God be the Glory! :) God bless you!


Praise God...15 meds to 4!! Awesome. I have often thought of how her fitness level will really help in her recovery as far as muscle tone. Also, how all of that training via homeschool with the girls on cooking and laundry in AZ--so helpful for Mom during this time. My 3 little Himes boys called out Mrs. Heim tonight in prayer :) to Jesus, the great physician.

Account Deleted

Just wanted to reiterate that my prayers are with you all! Praise to our Healer who is alive, well, and at work!


From Everett Washington, I am praying. I love the main theme of this post.... "Today"

So many "today" scriptures come to mind.

I am still praying for everyone and especially Joanne. We serve an AWESOME God and I am confident she will be fully restored <3

Love, Mere


Hi Toben! Good morning to you and your sweet wife!!

I, like many others, have had you and your family in my heart and on my mind since reading about this and it just utterly amazes me sometimes, how God works in our lives and 'connects' us to people we don't even know, be it through prayers, meeting in person, etc. I pray for all of you daily and give God praise for prayers answered!!! What wonderful news!! I say this every time, but thank you for sharing what you are going through. =) God is awesome, isn't HE??

God bless you and yours!!


I stumbled across this blog via a few different 'crafty' blogs and became entranced by your family's story. What a strong, beautiful couple you both are! To support each other at times where you both needed it, without falter. As an ICU nurse myself (although for children), nothing makes me happier than seeing small milestones achieved by my patients. Remember that these are not small milestones, they are huge and exciting for Joanne - a cause for celebration. Whilst rehabilitation can be slow.. it's a chain of small links that eventually become bigger and more prosperous. It can be an arduous and emotional process watching a loved one's body heal from such a traumatic event. But it does heal, with time and most importantly, great patience. Keep positive and remember to look after yourself Toben. I can't stress that enough. It's ok to take time out for you, in fact, it's crucial for the well-being of you and your family. All the best. Erin.

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