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  • Living simply is not so much about the particulars of our lives as much as it is about the principles that govern them. Knowing what God has called you to do, and then doing it--that's living simply.

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Nicole C. Mullen has a song to this Psalm. Love it and really easy to memorize when you are singing it too. :-) Really love the idea of writing on the tiles in the shower. That would be great for Maddie who is memorizing bible verses for her bible class and for spanish class - so two languages and two verses a week. Thx Joanne!

Lisa notes...

Such great ideas, Joanne. The hardest part for me is retaining a verse once I've learned it. That's where your # 2 really comes in handy: repeat, repeat, repeat.

I'm just reviewing verses this week so I've gotten nothing new to add. But I wanted to bring something to the party anyway since I've been out for awhile, so here's an older post that might encourage someone to at least learn and repeat "a little" - it's better than nothing at all!

Thanks for your faithfulness in keeping Memory Monday going. I hope to rejoin you in full soon.

Kelly S

Neat idea with the dry erase in the shower!!

You can also put the card in a ziploc baggie (the snack ones seem to be a good size) and then let the shower get all steamy, then stick it to the tile wall. My experience has been that the cards stay tuck to the tile for at least a week, if not more!

Kathleen  Jaeger

I agree with these methods and keep on thinking I will memorize again but just haven't yet. Though I haven't been doing the word by word memorizing, I do put verses on cards and hang them in my kitchen to remind me of what God has been teaching me.

In the meantime we have discovered Seeds CDs which put verses--word perfect-- to music (that we like!). So all the recent verses I've learned have been from these CDs. May you find them an encouragement as much as we have... so here's the link:

Joyfully, Kathleen

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