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Wow! That looks beautiful!

I'm the oldest of three girls (as you know) and usually liked it! I thought it was fun pioneering the path and doing things first. The worst part was that I often got blamed for things I didn't do and my younger sisters always ganged up on me (I'm curious to see if Amy chimes in here...). I'm trying to remember these things now that I'm a mom, and catch myself blaming Emma for stuff because she's the oldest. Yikes!

I do remember feeling "kicked out of the family" and left out when I went to college and they all stayed behind, having fun without me. Of course, it wasn't like that at all! :)


I was all three. I was the fifth child of six making me a middle child. There was a 13 year gap between my older brother and me so I was the oldest of the younger set. And I was part of the younger set so I was treated differently than my older siblings. Analyze THAT birth order Kevin Leman!

I had a really good childhood. It's been really interesting to see how that dynamic has shaped our interactions as adults.

I liked:
the presents
having an older siblings to ask for advice
learning from their mistakes
when they would come home for a visit
being older than SOMEONE

I disliked:
never having the attention just on me
sometimes feeling lost in the shuffle
self-imposed pressure to live up to standards set by older siblings
(when I was a teenager) wishing my older siblings would take me seriously


Hi! Well, I'm the youngest of 4 and the "normal" one. :-) I loved having siblings, I think ... just kidding.

My daughter will be an only child. That worries me because it makes our family seem small. I would want her to know that sibling feeling, especially around the holidays. But I've learned two things from people around me. Having a sibling doesn't guarantee you'll be happy or close. And second, an only child can live a happy live with a TON of family-like friends. So while I'll still worry about it, I know in the end it will be okay.

LOVE your blog.


Goodness! It looks like you have your own lovely private beach. I must admit, I'm a bit jealous, particularly as I sit here in rainy Melbourne working on assignments!

I'm a big sister. I have two younger brothers. Mum always called me her second in command! I really love being a big sister!


I am an only child. I don't ever remember not liking it. All my friends had siblings, but I don't ever remember thinking, "I wish I had a sister or brother."

What I liked best about it, is that it has helped me to appreciate solitude. I don't mind being by myself. I can do whatever I need to, and if it has to be done by myself, I don't mind. I enjoy other people's company and being with friends, but I find after a busy day at church...surrounded by LOTS of people...I look forward to the comfort of home and just being with my daughter and husband.

I grew up in Luthern church, who knows, maybe if we had been Catholic I would have become a nun:)

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