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Ruth Stone

Thanks for sharing your heart in today's post. May I use it when my ladies get frustrated/discouraged with their families? I think you did a good analysis especially when you backed it up with scripture.


Never give up, Joanne!! Fly high!!

PS: I like your handwriting (:


With God, all things are possible.

And parenting is NOT for sissies, girl! You're doing a good job...

Monica @ DailyDwelling

What a wonderful post! It is not a bad thing to have expectations and goals of a Godly family.


Firstly, you have beautiful handwriting!

Secondly, that Psalm is exactly what I need some days, too. This post along the very same groove I've been in lately ~ RE-learning homemaking from scratch. I posted about it yesterday.


Reading your post made me think of "mustard seed" Luke 17:1-6. I could say more but I think that sums up simply what came up for me when reading your post. My second thought was In Acceptance Lieth Peace. Have a great weekend!


Thanks for your encouraging words. I wonder if it is an 'end of school year' thing. My boys have been terrible. I told them this morning that my tank is empty and that they will have to 'fill it up'. I told them not to worry, that there would be a list waiting for them after school filled with ideas for filling up my tank. Let's hope it works.


I always enjoy your words and marvel at your creativity! =)


I will be spending some time with Psalm 128 this weekend and praying about a certain 5 year old. Much thanks for sharing. :)


Girl...this parenting this is H-A-R-D!!! God has obviously had much work to do in me with giving me 6 (yes, needed 6!!!!) strong willed kids to break down so many unhealthy control issues I had. Let me modify that...still struggle with. My biggest deal is that in my head I expect my kids to not blow it (hitting each other, mouthy, mean spirited, etc) when here I am sinning myself right through any given day! Uggh...why do I expect perfection and want to hang myself when it doesn't happen? Unlike you, I forget so easily that discipline's bottom line is a heart issue, not a behavior issue. Just like God's approach to us in overflowing, loving grace. And man....are there days I JUST WANT TO BLOW OUT STEAM!!!!! (aka the ride home from school today!) God's ability to restrain me has been a miraculous work in and of itself. So I'm right there with ya sista! It's not joke that we need to put on our spiritual armour everyday. I often think I need it in my parenting the most (both in dealing with my kids and my dad), because boy, their wounds often cut the deepest and take the longest to heal. Good thing God is the top 911 expert for my soul! He has redeemed much in my boys' lives...holding to truth and having your girlfriends on their knees too does bear fruit. I'm on mine for you! :) Love ya! (Ok too long a response....sorry!)


You're right, I did need that!

ocean mommy

You are so right! We had a 10 year old meltdown here this afternoon. Goodness. It's exhausting!! BUT God....

Thanks for the encouraging word my friend!

Have a wonderful school free weekend!!!


Barbara Watkins

Oh dear sweet lady! I cannot tell you how much I needed this message that you posted today. It's been a a bad old day around here with my family. Nothing tragic, but still, I was very discouraged and upset. Then I went to the computer thinking I would see what kind of day Joanne had today. I thank you so much for your message. It was just exactly what I needed and my spirit is so uplifted, I'm feeling happy again! Thank you so much for sharing your dear heart with us. I pray for blessings for you and your loved ones.


Joanne, I really liked this post (and by the way, don't already have a guided reading plan for my "quiet time" and now thinking I need to do that).

One thing I HAVE learned and have to learn EVERYDAY is that I can want all of those things - and God has still made my children unique. I have a 13 yr. old who has been difficult since birth - dearly loved, but VERY different from me. I have tried and tried to mold him into what I think he should be, and it never works. I have to realize that God has made him quirky and goofy and with a silly personality - unlike me - and I can still guide him into what God would be pleased with, and I need to get over the idea of making him into something he can not be. Love him, guide and teach him, and accept him.


"But then I read Psalm 128 this morning, which is the psalm for the week in my prayer book. And it's all about family. And I started thinking that my expectations aren't unrealistic--they're biblical. And that while they may be high, God can do anything. And that we must strive for them, but we do it with God's power and God's love at work within us."

Amen! Beautifully said!


I really needed to read this tonight. Maybe that's why I'm behind... maybe the Lord knew I needed this TONIGHT and not right when you wrote it. I'm feeling so beat down by my girls. They're 3 and 5! It's discouraging to think this is the course we're on!

Thanks for your wisdom and encouragement, Joanne. I'm grateful for friends like you who pave the way and pass wise words on to me. I loved this - "my expectations aren't unrealistic--they're biblical. And that while they may be high, God can do anything. "

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