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What is living simply?

  • Living simply is not so much about the particulars of our lives as much as it is about the principles that govern them. Knowing what God has called you to do, and then doing it--that's living simply.

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Oh, mercy! That soup sounds sooo worth the TUMs I would need to take right before I indulged. :0) Thanks for the recipe!

Tater Mama

I love La Baguette and am thrilled to have this recipe! French Onion soup is so yummy! Thanks for sharing!


Mmmmmm - love La Baguette! I always got the chicken salad croissant and have that recipe too (I think) looks delish!

Holly B.

I just may have to try this, to compare with the French soup here. Sounds scrumptious!


Thank you! Have you got a recipe for yummy chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip muffins? =D

Beth Whitney

The only time I have eaten French Onion Soup was a couple of years ago-my sweet grandma invited me over, no kids, and treated me to homemade soup-it was absolutely divine! And such a treat!!


I just made this soup this weekend. I have always enjoyed French Onion Soup, however my husband has never tried it. Well, he really liked the recipe and he was quite pleased. Anyway, mine cooked down quite a bit. I likely only had four servings instead of eight. Do you keep it covered during most of the cooking time? Also, have you doubled the recipe?

Humble potter

Sorry to make this a dissappointment. The La Baguette French Onion Soup from North Colorado Springs recipe is not the same as the one that I use to make when I worked there in 1999. The recipe is missing some ingredients and a couple steps. If you got this recipe from anyone besides Earl or Gina you've been had and if they gave it to you it was because they get asked day in and day out for that recipe. When I overheard the owners talking to a potential buyer for such a recipe it was being offered for several hundred dollars. Have a side by side comparrision. I don't like to see good people be led astray. Please forgive me. The truth is bitter but, it will set you free.

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