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  • Living simply is not so much about the particulars of our lives as much as it is about the principles that govern them. Knowing what God has called you to do, and then doing it--that's living simply.

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Raising Country Kids

I love those lightbulb moments.

Homework is a big issue around here with my Asperger's son. I use two tools to make it through: checklists and timers. He has a list of what he must accomplish before free time, and he checks items off as he completes them. The timer is a visual timer with a red, yellow, and green light. You can set it for a specific time, and it will count down on a digital screen, give audible cues, and show the appropriate light for how much time is left. This works great for those 15 minute cleanup sessions, independent reading time, and even mealtime for dawdlers.


Cool! I should get a bigger one for my kids for homework. For now though, I just bought them each a 8 x 11 ish size for me to write out their chores/schedule before school and after school. They get the satisfaction of erasing the finished jobs, and I'm not harping at them. Well--not harping at them for that at least. ;)

We love us a timer, too, like Raising Country Kids. My son has many similar issues as what are commonly seen in Aspbergers.

Beth Whitney

I have lucked out in the homework area, and have pretty motivated kids.
My middle one, in 4th grade, had to write the 2 spelling words she missed 5x each tonight. When I went back into her room, she had done two extra PAGES of self-given homework, graded AND corrected!

I have weird kids! ;)


My son is starting second grade this year. I discovered last year it was best to start homework as soon as he got home school. There was less fighting and pleading if he just got it done first thing. We would used to wait an hour after he got home and it just wasn't pleasant.

Ann at mommysecrets

I love this idea for practicing letters and spelling words. For younger children that need to write on lines, you could use a ruler to space lines in permanent marker. Then the child could freely write and erase in the dry erase marker. Thanks for the tip!!


Target, huh? I've been dreaming of dry erase boards for starting homeschool this year. Gonna have to dash out to see if we have 'em too!

SO COOL on YOU starting school! How much are you going to LOVE having God's Word... for homework?! I admit... I'm a tad jealous, but thrilled to pieces for you! Blessings on this adventure!


I am a teacher and I LOVE dry erase boards. I found dry erase pens that have an eraser on the cap of the pen. So great! I also use a calendar that is laminated and an overhead (vis a v) pen to write and wipe off. My son likes to set up our calendar and put his important dates on it. It works well.


Nope, no great homework tips, but I am so getting a dry erase board now.

I loved my trapper keepers. Those were the days!

What a great adventure you're about to embark on!


I have been working with dry erase for the last 7 years and have developed an award winning line of KleenSlate dry erase products for communicating-I was actually the first to add an eraser to the dry erase markers 7 years ago! Must have been the teacher in me! Feel free to contact me through my web site, for free samples-just send me a note in the comment box. I am passionate about having the right tools to both teach and learn and just want to get them into the right hands.I look forward to hearing from you. PS If you have any dry erase problems, let me know- I have learned a lot over about dry erase and am willing to share what I have discovered.


Soooooooo...what do I do if I hate homework more than my kid?!?! :) Uggh....after the 4 boys, let me tell ya girl...where do I sign up for my own "wifey" aka domestic guru to handle this stuff????? I'm just still rolling with this vacation day deal a little too much! (hee hee). Have a great week! Love ya!

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