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What is living simply?

  • Living simply is not so much about the particulars of our lives as much as it is about the principles that govern them. Knowing what God has called you to do, and then doing it--that's living simply.

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I love it!!! Thank you so much. When I have some time I want to email you a question or two.
I'm speaking at a womens retreat in late January and wanted to ask you about your book. I'm all about being simple. It really is the best and only way to go! :)

Much love and thanks,

Holly Smith

Yes! Spur us on!!

So very exciting :) Thank you God for the gift of Christ and for the gifts you have given Joanne through Christ. Amen.


I love this :)


Ooohhh...I LOVE this idea. So, can you get through Z before Christmas so that I can give this as a gift? Just kidding...take your time.

Cherry Tree Lane

I didn't know you wrote books! That is WONDERFUL! Where can you purchase them???


Joanne, I just wanted to tell you how much your blog has been an answer to my prayers. I'm working through an incredibly difficult semester at college, and I'm currently in between church homes. I feel myself being called in a different direction, wanting to live more simply, but wanting to finish school and meet all these outside "responsibilities." I definitely feel that I haven't been making worship a priority, and your blog has reminded me that I can keep my faith strong regardless of anything I'm going through. Thank you so much for giving me hope! I look forward to the ABC's.

all the best,

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