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What is living simply?

  • Living simply is not so much about the particulars of our lives as much as it is about the principles that govern them. Knowing what God has called you to do, and then doing it--that's living simply.

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Lisa R-P

Does that recipe say "by Marion Berry"? Wasn't that also the name of the mayor from Washington DC who was arrested for narcotics? Ok so I'm sure he isn't in the pie business these days -- but that name just rang a bell for me.

erin s.

Thank you so much Joanne. It sounds so yummy. I have to ask though...what is Karo Syrup? I have never heard of it before. Is it the same thing as Corn syrup?
Enjoy your weekend.


Oh, I love your party plates... and it's even more wonderful knowing they once belonged to your grandmother! So glad that you were able to rescue them from the consignment store!


Hi, my name is Rose and I am a Christian homeschooling mom. Your recipe for pecan pie is great! My daughters can make it for Christmas desert. I remember Karo syrup as being put into baby bottles years ago with some water to calm a cranky baby. I am not sure if mom's still do that! Blessings, Rose


Hi Joanne- I also have similar plates in white from my mother-in-law. I love my party plates and seeing yours reminded me to use them for my book club this week. Have a great weekend. Missi

Marla Taviano

^If Joanne hasn't told you already, Erin, Karo is a brand of corn syrup. So yes, same thing.


My mom has/had similar plates and cups. I'll have to check with her to see if she still does!

Marion Berry...aka "Mayor for Life" in DC...hmmmmm.

Amy Ensign

Hi Joanne! I love reading your blog! I can't wait to meet you at Calvary MOPS...Angie "introduced" us and I'm so excited to meet you in person. I just wanted to say, my mom has the SAME party plates...she calls them "luncheon" plates-I think they were my grandma's too. Your story of their rescue from the consignment shop made me laugh!

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Admitting my sin of coveting those plates. I LOVE them! Would love to find some for myself.

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