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What is living simply?

  • Living simply is not so much about the particulars of our lives as much as it is about the principles that govern them. Knowing what God has called you to do, and then doing it--that's living simply.

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Marla Taviano

I think it was 94 degrees here today. Ugh! And how can you not like warm pie, you silly girl?!


a tea party, that sounds perfect! I may have to borrow that idea...hmm

Holly Smith

I hope your time with your folks was wonder-fall :)

Apple pie that's cool sounds quite yummy! And a tea party sounds like a lovely idea, Joanne.

BTW, THANK YOU! The bookmark is beautiful and timely. I am praying it over my family and friends (me too!). You are a blessing!

Amanda Mayer

Finally someone else who likes room temperature pie! I think you taste all of the flavor better that way. I haven't met anyone else who prefers it room temp!

LOL! Marla makes me think of Neal! :)

Neal wants any baked goods right out of the oven every time! I have to beat him off with a stick and tell him that cooling is part of the baking process! So, he just has to wait and nuke his stuff before he overloads it with ice cream!

Or like with bread... I get so mad when Neal cuts open my bread loaves too soon and they deflate and get dense! Arg! LOL! When it comes to baked good, he's like a kid with Christmas presents! But, I think he actually show's more excitement with food!


I am loving this fall weather too, Joanne! Wanna come decorate my house for fall?

And I'll have to try Alberta V05!


erin s

Autumn is my favourite time of year too!

Thanks for the Hair tips. Always on the look out for a cure for the frizzies!

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